Major in English

English majors must plan their academic curriculum carefully with their advisor. All majors are expected to take English 357 and 358 (Shakespeare) and at least two other courses in English literature before 1750. Potential or actual English majors are strongly urged to take English 200: Representative Masterpieces. Almost all majors take the full complement of eleven courses in English.  The English Department Reading List is a reading guide for English Majors.  This is not intended to be exhaustive.  In many cases it will simply help you begin your reading in a particular period or author.

A student majoring in English is required to complete successfully a minimum of eight full courses in English. In addition, majors must pass a written comprehensive examination, which must be taken in the final semester of enrollment. At the beginning of the final semester, an English major with an average of 3.5 or better in English courses may, at the discretion of the chair, elect a course of independent study -- the English Tutorial. The student must be enrolled in English 452, assigned a tutor for direction, and write a major essay as a step toward departmental honors. Students enrolled in English 452 who demonstrate excellence in their tutorial papers and in the written comprehensive examination are invited to take a one-hour oral examination in order to qualify for departmental honors.