The Creative Writing Certificate

Building upon the great literary tradition of Sewanee, including The Sewanee Review and the Sewanee Writers' Conference, the university offers instruction in fiction, playwriting, and poetry, in both Beginning and Advanced workshops, for students interested in the craft of writing. Using existing creative works to help students understand the necessary elements of successful writing, the workshops focus on critiquing the original work of each student.

From time to time, students also have opportunities to participate in campus readings from their own creative work, or to seek publication in the student-run literary journal, The Mountain Goat. Students are encouraged to take part in informal discussions with the esteemed poets, novelists, and playwrights who visit Sewanee each semester. Although a major or minor is not currently offered in Creative Writing, students, regardless of the major field of study, may earn a Certificate in Creative Writing. Students must declare their desire to pursue the certificate before the Spring semester of their junior year. They will receive the certificate by fulfilling these requirements:

Three of the following seminars in Creative Writing

  • Writ 205: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • Writ 206: Creative Writing: Fiction
  • Writ 207: Creative Writing: Playwriting
  • Writ 208: Narrative Nonfiction
  • Writ 305: Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry
  • Writ 306: Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction
  • Writ 307: Advanced Creative Writing: Playwriting
  • Writ 413: Creative Writing: The Song Lyric


One designated course in literature

  • Engl 381: Modern British Poetry
  • Engl 382: Modern British Fiction, 1900-1930
  • Engl 383: Contemporary British Fiction, 1930-present
  • Engl 386: Joyce
  • Engl 390: Modern Drama
  • Engl 391: Modern American Poetry
  • Engl 392: Modern American Fiction
  • Engl 393: Faulkner
  • Engl 394: Literature of the American South
  • Engl 395: African American Literature
  • Engl 397: Contemporary American Fiction
  • Engl 398: Contemporary American Poetry
  • Engl 399: World Literature in English


A Capstone Project
The Capstone Project could be a sheaf of poems or short stories, a more substantial single piece of fiction such as a novella, or a one-act play. Students must present the Capstone Project before the end of the first semester of their senior year, demonstrating thereby their mastery within and critical self-consciousness regarding a particular genre. Because the successful completion of the Capstone Project requires careful planning and supervision, we strongly advise that students declare the certificate before the Spring semester of their junior year.