SEED Program

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SEED Newsletter  (March 2010)

The SEED Program for students is an intensive 8-week social entrepreneurship and micro-finance immersion program that has three components: the summer study abroad program in Bangladesh and India/Thailand for 1.5 course credits; a four-week internship at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh or at a finance/ microfinance institution in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, or Europe; and a week of intensive pre-business training (lectures and workshops) at Sewanee in finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship by faculty and alumni. The purpose of the program is to provide knowledge, skills, experience, and professional networks to participants to fit their individual needs, be it to build a career in community finance, or to excel in a business environment, or to build organizations committed to social change or businesses with social responsibility. Successful participants will be awarded an M.A.E. (Microfinance And Entrepreneurship) certificate.

The SEED program was launched in summer 2007. There were five participants in 2007, twenty in 2008, sixteen in 2009, and fifteen in 2010. Students have engaged in internships at thirteen finance/microfinance organizations in eight countries, including Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, Germany, and the U.S., including Puerto Rico. A few of the interns were offered jobs after completing their internships, and some have gone on to get an M.A. in social entrepreneurship.