China Summer Program

Contact:  Yasmeen Mohiuddin • 931.598.1462

Brochure: China Summer program brochure

The China Summer Program provides a unique opportunity for students to experience first hand the economic transition and reform that are taking place in China. It is three weeks in duration—one week of study in Sewanee, and two weeks of extensive travel with academic instruction in China. The program offers credit for one course in economics and takes place from May to June. Sewanee students have been participating in the program for more than 15 years.

The most distinguishing feature of the program is the chance to visit sites not normally visited by American tourists, including state-owned enterprises, joint ventures, private firms and businesses, and government agencies. The program provides ample opportunity for students to interact with a diverse group of people, including academics, farmers, senior government officials, and chief executives of private and joint ventures. In addition, the program includes cultural excursions to temples, palaces, and other historical sites including the Great Wall; attendance at acrobat, opera, and theater events; and trips to several of the following cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, and Suzhou.