Major in Computer Science

A major in computer science must successfully complete five core courses: Computer Science 157, 257, 284, 320, and 270, along with four elective courses chosen from non-core computer science courses numbered 270 or higher (to be selected by student's advisor).  In addition, computer science majors must take Mathematics 101 (or higher), Mathematics 215, and one additional breadth course in an application area such as Art 287, Economics 341, Environmental Studies 217, Mathematics 301, Mathematics 332, Physics 203, Psychology 254, Statistics 204, or another course proposed by the student and approved by the student's advisor. With the permission of the department, students who are well prepared may begin their computer science sequence with Computer Science 257.

Departmental honors may be conferred on students considered worthy of distinction.  Most of the following accomplishments are generally expected:

1) an average of at least 3.5 in computer science courses numbered 270 and higher,

2) a superior performance on both the written and oral comprehensive examinations,

3) an original project, usually as part of an independent study (CSci 444), and an oral defense or presentation of the work,

4) additional coursework in computer science beyond the minimum requirements.