3/2 Engineering Program (Computer Science)

The 3/2 engineering program is an academic program for three years of study at a liberal arts school followed by two years of study in an engineering program which results in bachelor’s degrees from the liberal arts college and from the engineering college – two bachelor’s degrees. Each college has its own set of graduation requirements for a 3/2 program (there is also a 4/2 program).

Participants in the program must take (or satisfy the requirement of):

  1. the general 3/2 engineering courses (see below)
  2. the courses for one of the concentrations (see Computer Science below)
  3. two years of coursework at one of the partner engineering schools (see list of schools below)


3/2 Program Requirements (all majors)

  • One course in a 300-level foreign language, English 101, History 100, social science, fine arts, religion/philosophy
  • Calculus I, Calculus II, multidimensional calculus, differential equations
  • Physics I and II
  • Chemistry I and II
  • Other courses in economics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, computer science, or mathematics as required as pre-requisites for a particular field of engineering
  • GPA in all math and science courses must be greater than 3.0, and overall GPA > 3.0

For the 4/2 engineering program, students must complete all departmental requirements for Sewanee graduation in their major and must pass their departmental comprehensive exam. 4/2 students graduate with their class.

3/2 Engineering - Computer Science courses

  1. CSCI 157 - Intro to Programming
  2. CSCI 257 - Data Structures
  3. CSCI 320 - Analysis of Algorithms
  4. CSCI 370 - Computer Organization
  5. CSCI 270 - Operating Systems
  6. Additional CSci course numbered 300 or higher

3/2 Engineering Partner Schools

And take:
  • Three(3) advanced courses in computer science or computer engineering at the designated engineering school, in addition to that school's requirements