The major requires a student take courses providing subjects necessary for a strong theoretical and practical foundation in the field of computer science. These subjects have been selected in accordance with the ACM Curriculum guidelines for a computer science major. In addition a major chooses elective courses to complete the major while pursuing their own interests in field.

The minor includes a shorter list of courses and then invites a student to choose their next three courses so as to suit their individual interests given a shorter time commitment.

The 3/2 Engineering program is administered by the University to engage those students wishing to combine a liberal arts and an engineering background. The student enjoys three years steeped in the liberal arts tradition while taking foundation courses required by the engineering programs of our partner institutions. Afterward, the student moves to the partner campus of their choice and takes two years of engineering courses. At the end of that time, the student receives both a liberal arts degree from Sewanee and an engineering degree from the partner campus.