As of 2020, this site is no longer being updated, please go to the new Chinese Department page.

The University offers four semesters of Chinese, sufficient to satisfy the college's foreign language requirement. Although a major or minor in Chinese  is not currently offered, students may participate in study-abroad programs in China to extend their study of Chinese and to explore Chinese society. Further study of topics bearing on Chinese culture and history can be undertaken through coursework offered in the Asian Studies Program.


Foreign Language Yoga Classes at the Language Resource Center
August 12, 2019
Yoga classes will be every Friday afternoon in the Language Resource Center, Gailor 225. Students will have a low-stress kinesthetic language learning experience. Classes will be led by students or professors or simply following one of the many Youtube videos of yoga classes in a wide variety of languages. Please check with your professor to see if attending these classes can be used for culture points. Read more to find out when classes will be offered in YOUR language!
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First Year of the Asian Language & Culture House
April 1, 2019
School year 18/19 was the first year for the Asian Language and Culture House. It has served as a very good foundation for our upcoming years, and they have hosted a variety of events ranging from small events at the house to large scale events at McClurg Dining Hall. Some of our small events include noodle making night, Chinese charades and hot pot, bonding night, and many more. Large scale events have been the McClurg Lunar new year celebration and sushi-making night. The group has applied to keep the theme house next year as well, and while the application was approved, the location has not yet been determined.
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Chinese Table and Tutoring Schedule set for Fall, 2018
September 3, 2018
This year the Chinese table will be held every Wednesday at noon in the nave of McClurg. You don't need to be fluent to attend. This is a great chance to ask questions of native speakers. Tutoring will take place in the Language Resource Center in Gailor 225.
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