Professor Jon Evans Interviewed in Article about EPA Rollback of Wetlands Protection in the U.S.

February 26, 2019
Biology professor Dr. Evans was interviewed by the Chattanooga Times Free Press about how proposed changes to federal wetland protections would impact vernal pool habitats on the Cumberland Plateau.

Sewanee student a Planet Forward Storyfest 2018 winner

April 23, 2018
Vanessa Moss, C'20, was named one of the 2018 Planet Forward Storyfest winners.

Katie McGhee's stress test research featured in Sewanee Magazine

March 6, 2018
Assistant professor Katie McGhee was interviewed about her research on how maternal stress affects offspring for a recent feature in the Sewanee magazine

Kathryn Wayne C’19 awarded alligator biology research grant

February 13, 2018
Kathryn Wayne C’19 awarded alligator biology research grant from by the IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group Fritz Huchzermeyer Veterinary Science Student Research Assistance Scheme.

Dr. Thea Edwards presents nitrate ecotoxicology research

January 29, 2018
Dr. Thea Edwards, Research faculty in Biology, recently presented her research on nitrate ecotoxicology at the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia

A new open-access publication by Dr. Thea Edwards available online

January 29, 2018
A new open-access publication by Dr. Thea Edwards, Research faculty in Biology, has been made available online.

Evans Invited Speaker at Wetlands Workshop

November 28, 2017
Biology Professor Jon Evans gave an invited presentation at the 2017 Regional Wetlands/Section 401 Workshop: Ecological Endpoints: from Reference to Restoration held in Gatlinburg, TN this month.

Sewanee Herbarium collection scanned

October 26, 2017
All 9,000 plant specimens in the Sewanee Herbarium were scanned this past week by a crew from University of Tennessee-Chattanooga led by Dr. Joey Shaw.

Biology department announces 2017-2018 Yeatman Award Recipient

October 26, 2017
The 2017-2018 Harry C. Yeatman Award in Biology was awarded to Biology major Niko Darby at the annual Biology Department Majors Event in Harris Commons of Spencer Hall. Students who receive the Yeatman Award are Senior Biology or Ecology & Biodiversity Majors chosen for their scholastic achievement, leadership qualities and an appreciation for biology as a discipline which are characteristics exemplary of Dr. Yeatman’s life and career.

Evans Lab Hosts Forest Soils Workshop

October 17, 2017
Biology professor Jon Evans hosted the 37th Annual Central States Forest Soils Workshop at Sewanee this past week (Oct 10-11).

Publication reveals unique plateau wetlands threatened by forest loss

October 2, 2017
In their recent publication in the journal Wetlands, Jon Evans and his Biology Department colleagues document the existence of a unique network of small, isolated wetlands on the Cumberland Plateau and reveal how they are being threatened by deforestation.

Sewanee Research Assistant Professor Thea Edwards' paper accepted

October 2, 2017
Sewanee Research Assistant Professor, Thea Edwards had a paper accepted this week by the Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety.

Sam Penland C’20 catches his first alligator

September 18, 2017
Sam Penland C’20 catches his first alligator in Georgetown, South Carolina as part of a collaborative alligator research project.

Biology professor Matt Schrader and collaborators publish paper in Nature Ecology and Evolution

May 30, 2017
Biology professor Matt Schrader and collaborators at the University of Cambridge have published a paper in Nature Ecology and Evolution examining how cooperation among family members influences the evolution of body size.

Students present research at Biology Honors Thesis Symposium

May 2, 2017
Senior Ecology & Biodiversity and Biochemistry majors presented their honors theses at the Biology Honors Thesis Symposium in conjunction with this year's Scholarship Sewanee.

Domain Flora Publication Wins 2017 Windler Award

April 3, 2017
The Southern Appalachian Botanical Society and the editorial board at Castanea announced today that the paper authored by biology professor Dr. Evans and colleagues: "The Vascular Flora of the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee” has won the 2017 Richard and Minnie Windler award for systematics.

mark mcalister
Mark McAlister awarded Sewanee’s 47th Watson Fellowship

March 20, 2017
Mark McAlister, a biology major from Charlotte, North Carolina, has been awarded a prestigious year-long Watson Fellowship for 2017-18.

Research Article
Assistant Professor Elise Kikis publishes research article with Sewanee students

March 15, 2017
Assistant Professor of Biology Elise Kikis and students Amy Lee C’16, Paul Sands C17, and Hailey Ung, C’19, recently published research finding that Htt acts similarly in the roundworm C. elegans as it does humans, allowing it to be studied in a genetic model system without the complications inherent in studying human patients.

Sewanee Research Professor Thea Edwards Publishes Review Article

March 9, 2017
Sewanee Research Professor Thea Edwards has published a review article in the journal Evolutionary Applications.

Sewanee Research Onstage in the Big Easy

January 24, 2017
Sewanee undergraduate researchers from Biology Professor Brandon Moore's Lab presented their latest findings at the 2017 Society for Integrative Biology Conference in New Orleans, LA.

Kikis Lab Presents their work in Chicago

January 24, 2017
Assistant Professor of Biology Elise Kikis and three of her students, Paul Sands (C'17), Fridien Tchoukoua (C'17), Hailey Ung (C'19) presented two posters at the 22nd Annual Midwest Stress Response and Molecular Chaperone Meeting at Northwestern University.

David Haskell receiving Dapeng award
David Haskell receives China’s first Nature Writing Award

December 13, 2016
David Haskell, professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of the South, has received a Dapeng Nature Writing Award.

Kikis Lab Presents at 126th Meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science

November 23, 2016
Two Sewanee Biology students present their research at this prestigious academic event held at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN

Jon Evans represents Sewanee at first Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation Meeting

November 14, 2016
Evans represented Sewanee at the first ever meeting of Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation.

Elise Kikis
Biology Faculty Member publishes article in Biology Direct

November 8, 2016
Assistant professor of Biology Elise Kikis' research on recent advances in the study of neurodegenerative diseases using C. elegans as a model system is spotlighted in national publication

Collaborative Course Initiative Between Biology, Psychology and Neuroscience Earns Center for Teaching Funding

November 3, 2016
Thanks to grant support from Sewanee’s Center for Teaching (CfT), students enrolled in Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience (PSYC359) with Dr. Cammack or Histology and Microanatomy (BIOL275) with Dr. Moore this spring semester will participate in a new cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Domain Flora
Domain Flora Published

October 31, 2016
After many years of hard work by the staff and students of the Sewanee Herbarium, the Vascular Flora of the University of the South has been officially published in the September issue of the journal Castanea.

Coastal basswood research featured in botany journal

September 23, 2016
A long-term study on coastal basswoods published by Professor of Biology Jon Evans and Middle Tennessee State University Professor Ashley Morris, C’97, was featured as a noteworthy article in the September issue of the American Journal of Botany.

In Memory of Ashley

September 20, 2016
The Biology Department is mourning the loss of Ashley Block (C’13). On September 12th, Ashley was struck and killed while biking in Athens, GA by an impaired driver.

Sewanee Graduate Co-authors Comparative Biology Manuscript

August 30, 2016
David Spears, C’15, parlayed the results from laboratory independent study and a 2015 summer research internship in the laboratory of Sewanee professor Brandon Moore into a peer-reviewed journal publication.

amy lee internship in uganda
Biology majors use internships at the Carter Center in Uganda to help fight river blindness

August 14, 2016
Biology majors Amy Lee, C’16, and Henry Pipes, C’17, were summer interns at the Carter Center in Uganda

Biology Faculty Member Awarded the Raymond D. Semlitsch Award for Early Career Excellence

August 9, 2016
Biology professor Kristen Cecala recognized by the Herpetologists’ League at the Annual Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in New Orleans on July 7.

Plant Ecology & Conservation Lab group photo
Biology Students and Alumni Present Plant Ecology Research at Botany Conference

August 6, 2016
Two Sewanee undergraduate researchers and two Sewanee alumni from Dr. Evans's Plant Ecology Lab presented posters at the annual Botany conference, which took place in Savannah, GA this year.

Two Sewanee Faculty Members Present Research at International Crocodilian Biology Conference

July 11, 2016
Department Professors Thea Edwards and Brandon Moore travel to Kruger National Park, South Africa to participate in the 24th Working Meeting of the Crocodile Specialist Group.

Savannah Morning News Features Hog-Nutsedge Research

May 31, 2016
Callie Oldfield (C’15) and Jonathan Evans (Professor of Biology) were interviewed by the Savannah Morning News about their recent publication on the positive interaction between yellow nutsedge and wild hogs.

Deer map with figure legend from forests
Biology graduate publishes honors thesis on patterns and drivers of deer browse with Sewanee professors

May 10, 2016
Meg Armistead (C’14 Ecology and Biodiversity) has published her honors thesis work on the patterns and drivers of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) herbivory across 3,000 acres on the Cumberland Plateau.

Photo of callie oldfield and jonathan evans, biology
Biology Major and Professor Publish Manuscript on Invasive Species Interaction on St. Catherines Island

April 5, 2016
Callie Oldfield (Biology - C’15) and Jonathan Evans (Professor of Biology) recently published the results of a study on a positive interaction between invasive wild hogs and invasive yellow nutsedge.

Maggie Bliss, C’16, receives Fulbright Research Grant

March 23, 2016
Maggie Bliss, C’16, has received a Fulbright Research Grant for study in Germany in 2016-17. Her research will focus on the field of animal personality.

Sewanee-led Research Symposium Receives Coverage by Science and Science News

February 9, 2016
A Sewanee-led Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Research Symposium co-organized by Biology Professor Brandon Moore received coverage by Science and Science News.

Reeda Shakir SICB
Sewanee Undergraduate Research on the National Conference Stage

January 27, 2016
Sewanee undergraduate researchers traveled in early January to present their findings at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology in Portland, Oregon, under the supervision of biology Professor Brandon Moore.

Kiki's Lab Meeting photo
Biology, Biochem majors and professor present research at professional meeting

January 21, 2016
Biology Majors Amy Lee (C'16) and Fridien Tchoukoua (C'17)and Biochemistry major Paul Sands (C'17) along with their research adviser Professor Elise Kikis, traveled to the Midwest Stress Response and Molecular Chaperone Meeting at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Biology major publishes first manuscript on Salamanders

January 13, 2016
Congratulations to Maggie Bliss C’16 on the publication of her first manuscript resulting from research conducted with Dr. Kristen Cecala. Maggie’s manuscript entitled “Does habitat disturbance affect the behaviors of Appalachian stream salamanders?” was published online in the journal Herpetological Conservation and Biology .

Aquatic Safari Blog by Fulbright Scholar Thea Edwards

January 12, 2016
Follow along with Biology Research Professor Dr. Thea Edwards on her Aquatic Safari blog as she explores the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

The Antman Cometh

November 23, 2015
'The Antman Cometh,' an article written by Tom Sanders, focuses on Sewanee students and faculty conducting a pioneering—and distinctly eusocial—study of Haitian ants with help from a leading expert in Hispaniolan Ant studies, David Lubertazzi.

Biology Professor Thea Edwards awarded grant from Coypu Foundation

October 20, 2015
Biology Professor Thea Edwards has been awarded a grant from the Coypu Foundation, which was established by John S. McIlhenny in 1988.

SICB Conference 2015
Sewanee Biology Students Present Research at a Regional Conference

October 19, 2015
Four Sewanee students from the Biology department who work in the laboratory of Professor Brandon Moore participated in the 2015 Southeast Regional Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology at Georgia Tech University.

University Sequesters Carbon and Conducts Research in Haiti (from Sewanee Messenger)

October 6, 2015
Earlier this year the University of the South made its first payments for carbon sequestration to farmers in Haiti’s Central Plateau. This represented a milestone for Zanmi Kafe (Haitian Creole for Partners in Coffee) and a Zanmi Agrikol (Partners in Agriculture) to develop the first payment for ecosystem services program in Haiti, a project initiated by students working with Sewanee biology professor Deborah McGrath.

McGhee_Animal_Behavoiur book cover
Professor Katie McGhee had a Student’s Work Highlighted as the Editor’s Pick

September 8, 2015
Professor Katie McGhee had a student’s work highlighted as the Editor’s pick in the upcoming issue of Animal Behaviour.

Behavioral Ecology Class (Bio311) Goes To The Farm

September 4, 2015
For their first lab of the semester, Professor Katie McGhee’s Behavioral Ecology class (Bio311) walked out to the nearby University Farm.

Professor Moore Awarded NSF Symposium Funding

August 18, 2015
Assistant Professor of Biology, Brandon Moore, has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) award to hold a reproductive anatomy symposium at a national biology conference.

Measuring Photosynthesis in Haiti

June 1, 2015
Zanmi Kafe (Partners in Coffee) interns use an instrument called the Licor 6400 to measure photosynthesis in a farmer's field of corn and beans in Haiti.

Biology Senior majors present honors theses 2015

May 1, 2015
Biology Senior majors presented their honors theses at the 2015 Annual Scholarship Sewanee as part of the Oral Presentation Series.

 South American Journal of Herpetology cover
Professor Moore Publishes Invited Manuscript in Herpetology Journal

May 1, 2015
Collaborative biological research of Dr. Brandon Moore (Sewanee) and Dr. Diane Kelly (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) was highlighted in an invited issue of the South American Journal of Herpetology dedicated to crocodilian reproduction.

Anatomy Class Explores “Pasture to Plate”

April 30, 2015
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 203 this spring left the classroom to study the complexity of living things around the campus.

Sewanee biology class raises funds for Belize conservation effort

April 22, 2015
Students in Professor Jon Evans’ Conservation Biology class this semester at the University of the South conducted a fundraiser for Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), a nongovernmental organization in Belize. FCD is dedicated to conserving the Chiquibul Forest, a biodiversity hotspot that is being threatened by illegal agricultural incursions, logging, extraction, and poaching.

Professor Thea Edwards awarded 2015-2016 Fulbright

March 23, 2015
Sewanee faculty member Thea Edwards has been named a Fulbright Scholar for the 2015-2016 year. She has been teaching courses and directing student research in the Biology Department since August 2014.

Sewanee assists with controlled burn to restore native pines in the Turks and Caicos Islands

March 17, 2015
Sewanee recently joined in research efforts in the tropics.

Haiti Trip photo
Haiti Trip Log:Getting it Right

March 10, 2015
Haiti Institute in Sewanee Trip Log: Getting it Right

Conservation Biology Class Visits Spotted Salamander Drift Fence

February 12, 2015
A group of students led by biology professor Dr. Kristen Cecala built a drift fence surrounding the vernal pool at the end of Brakefield Road to monitor amphibian populations.

Dr. Noriega Pic
Scientist and film maker Dr. Nigel Noriega gives guest lecture

January 30, 2015
"How is Value Assigned to Tropical Forests?"

Kristen K. Cecala
Cecala awarded Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Grant

December 2, 2014
Assistant Professor of Biology, Kristen Cecala, was awarded a grant from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Sewanee-Haiti Partners in Coffee initiative featured in College & Planning Management Magazine

November 25, 2014
An article entitled Partners in Coffee: Integrating international outreach into sustainability education was featured in the January 2014 edition of College Planning & Management Magazine.

Biology Dept. Announces 2014-2015 Yeatman Award Recipients

October 2, 2014
The Harry C. Yeatman Award in Biology was awarded to Angelica De Freitas and Callie Oldfield at the annual Biology Department Junior-Senior Majors event September 28th.

New Biology Professor has Research Highlighted at Annual Society Meeting

August 11, 2014
Incoming faculty member Dr. Brandon C. Moore, Assistant Professor of Biology has his reproductive biology research Highlighted.

Dr. John R. Palisano And Dr. Francis X. Hart Present Four Years Of Research Collaboration

July 29, 2014
Dr. John R. Palisano, Department of Biology and Dr. Francis X. Hart, Department of Physics, have collaborated during the last four years on a project.

Professor John R. Palisano's Research Is The First Report Of Labeling Lamin B With Quantum Dots

July 28, 2014
At the Meeting of The Southeastern Microscopy in May, 2014, Professor John R. Palisano presented a poster showing his research. His findings are the first report of labeling lamin B with quantum dots.

Biology Professor John Palisano Featured in CNBC “Superbug” News Article

July 16, 2014
Professor John Palisano in the Department of Biology was recently featured in a CNBC news

Three recent graduates present research at the National Speleological Society Convention

July 16, 2014
Three recent graduates gave talks at the National Speleological Society Convention in Huntsville, Alabama on Wednesday, July 16. Will Coleman (Ecology and Biodiversity major, '14) presented "Cave Biodiversity of Hamilton County, Tennessee".

Professor John R. Palisano is featured in a CNBC news article “Deadly Ebola”

July 14, 2014
Professor John R. Palisano in the Department of Biology was recently featured in a CNBC news article entitled "Deadly Ebola spreads – and so do fears.”

Three papers detailing Sewanee student research have recently been published.

May 23, 2014
Three papers detailing Sewanee student research have recently been published.

Recent Publications by Sewanee Science Majors

May 23, 2014
Three papers detailing Sewanee student research have recently been published.

Kikis, Christie, Lee, Fay and Gray Publish Study on Neurodegenerative Disease

May 21, 2014
Elise Kikis, and her students Nakeirah Christie (C’15), Amy Lee (C’16), Hannah Fay (C’15), and Amelia Gray (C’16) just published a paper in PLoS ONE

Biology student research presented at annual Scholarship Sewanee

May 1, 2014
Biology student research was featured in posters and oral presentations in this year's annual Scholarship Sewanee.

Students produce Sewanee herpetology video

May 1, 2014
This Herpetology Class video was produced by Saunders Drukker (C'17) and shows one afternoon of Ecology & Biodiversity

Jon Evans receives blended learning grant from the ACS

January 16, 2014
The ACS Blended Learning Program has funded five proposals, each for $10,000, that were submitted from collaborating ACS institutions to advance phase one of a broad initiative to promote “Sustainability in the South and Beyond”.

Evans, Scheffers and Hess Publish Study on the Demise of Redbay on St Catherine's Island

January 16, 2014
Redbay (Persea borbonia) joins the ranks of chestnut, hemlock, and American elm as a tree whose populations have been decimated by the introduction of an exotic disease called laurel wilt.

2013 Yeatman Award Recipients

October 2, 2013
The 2013 Harry C. Yeatman Award in Biology was awarded to Biology major April Shi and Ecology & Biodiversity majors Meg Armisted and Linnea Carver at the annual Biology Department's Junior-Senior Event Sunday,

Haskell’s “The Forest Unseen” wins best book award from National Academies

September 3, 2013
The National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine announced today the recipients of the2013 Communication Awards.

Linnea Carver, C'14, Awarded Cave Conservancy Foundation Fellowship

July 24, 2013
Linnea Carver (C’14) has been awarded the 2013 Undergraduate Fellowship in Karst Studies from the Cave Conservancy Foundation.

Field Study in Belize 2013

June 3, 2013
This year, seven Sewanee students took part in Field Study in Belize (Bio 251)

Evans and Keen Publish St. Catherine's Island Hickory Research

May 2, 2013
Eric Keen '08 and Biology Professor Jon Evans recently published the results from an 11 year study of pignut hickory regeneration failure on St. Catherines Island

Scholarship Sewanee
Biology Student research featured at Scholarship Sewanee

April 29, 2013
Biology student research was featured in 19 posters and seven oral presentations at this year's annual Scholarship Sewanee.

Biology Senior Majors Present Honors Theses

April 23, 2013
Biology Senior Honors Theses were present

Eco-Bio Major Presents Deer Research at Meeting

March 5, 2013
Meg Armistead, C'14 (Ecology and Biodiversity major), presented a talk Feb. 26 to the 36th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Deer Study Group in Greenville, SC

Nathan Bourne, C'11 - Post-Baccalaureate Fellow

August 30, 2012
Nathan Bourne (C’11), who graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies:

Guide to Sewanee's Butterflies Now Online

July 30, 2012
Eileen Schaeffer and Arden Jones’ guide to Sewanee’s butterflies is now available online

From Australia to Belize: Students Study Reef Fish Behavior

July 13, 2012
From Australia to Belize: Students Study Reef Fish Behavior

Students Discover Massive Mortality

June 18, 2012
The Common Sea Fan (Gorgonia ventalina) is undergoing an unexplained die-off along Belizean reefs

Students in Belize Course Encounter Rare Rainforest Cat

June 13, 2012
During this year's Field Study in Belize course, Meg Armistead (EcoBio, C’14) and Sarah Delong (EcoBio, C’13) were lucky enough to see a margay, a rare rainforest cat species.

Student Publication on Cave Biodiversity

June 5, 2012
Katie Wakefield (Biology, '13) published her cave biodiversity research in the journal Speleobiology Notes

Two Students Publish Their Research in the International Journal of Ecology

February 17, 2012
asey, J. M., M. E. Wilson, N. Hollingshead, and D. G. Haskell. 2009.

Biology Dept. Announces 2011-2012 Yeatman Award Recipients

October 3, 2011
Ecology and Biodiversity seniors Keri Bryan and Katie Qualls were presented with the 2011-2012 Harry C. Yeatman Award

Zigler, Loria millipede research published

December 6, 2010
Senior Stephanie Loria and Professor Kirk Zigler recently published a new paper on millipede chemical defenses.