The study of biology at Sewanee can mean anything from studying cells and molecules to ecosystems. Breadth is a hallmark.

As part of the liberal arts program, the biology department helps prepare students to address present-day challenges our society faces. The department also offers a wealth of courses and experiences to prepare majors and minors through an emphasis on learning through experimentation and/or field work. Biology students at Sewanee have unmatched opportunities for research in collaboration with faculty. Each year some students publish their results in scientific journals and present research at conferences.

Through the classroom, laboratory, and field experiences the biology department seeks to encourage students to solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively, and communicate well.

The Department of Biology offers three tracks within the major:

  • The Molecular Biology and Genetics track emphasizes genetics and the molecular mechanisms of cells.
  • The Integrative track explores life with a focus on the structure and function of organisms.
  • The Ecology and Biodiversity track examines how organisms interact with one another and the environment.