Archaeology Courses

ARCH 213     Cultural Resource Practicum  (2)

This practicum focuses on historical or prehistoric cultural resources, both archaeological and standing structures, on the University Domain. Students learn excavation and documentation techniques appropriate to the specific resource type. In addition, artifact processing and cataloging will be covered. The majority of this course is field based. This course can be repeated once for credit.

ARCH 214     Artifact Analysis  (4)

This course is a hands-on introduction to interpreting artifacts from archaeological sites. The class consists of a mix of lecture, discussion, laboratory, and in-class exercises on both prehistoric and historic artifact types. It covers all phases of artifact analysis including: defining problem domains, selecting attributes, cataloging data, typology, analysis and interpretation. Student projects center on artifacts from the University Domain collections.

ARCH 330     Environmental Archaeology  (4)

The study of the human past requires knowledge of the biological and geophysical systems in which cultures developed and changed. This course explores past environments and the methods and evidence used to reconstruct them. Emphasis is on the integration of geological, botanical, zoological, and bioarchaeological data used to reconstruct Quaternary climates and environments. Prerequisite: ANTH 106 or ANTH 109 or one course with attribute G5E.

ARCH 332     Archaeological Resource Management and Policy  (4)

This course explores international and national approaches to archaeological heritage management. It includes review of public policy that protect sites (much of it incorporated into environmental legislation) and of regulations that guide the process. The course centers around study of how the determination of such policies affects negotiation between the past and present as archaeologists, various governments, descendant communities, and others try to balance a concern for preservation with growing demand for development and sustainability. Interwoven into the course are topics such as how diverse cultures view the past, the growing commodification of archaeological sites in the tourist trade, the antiquities market, and careers in cultural resource management.

ARCH 350     Special Topics in Archaeology  (4)

This course focuses on a topic in archaeology that is not fully covered in existing courses. Content will vary from semester to semester. This course may be repeated for credit when the topic differs. Prerequisite: ANTH 106 or ANTH 109 or CLST 207 or CLST 208 or CLST 220.

ARCH 444     Independent Study  (2 or 4)

Research, reading, and writing on a topic guided by a faculty member relating to archaeology.