Office of Global Citizenship

Financial Considerations

Financial Charge System

Students who study away on approved programs pay the same charges (tuition, room, board, and fees) required to study at Sewanee. Sewanee pays the providers of the programs for the standard tuition, room and board of their programs. (In some cases, Sewanee will also pay for travel required in the program, though not roundtrip travel to the program site.) Some study abroad programs offer a variety of housing options, including apartments and single rooms at an additional charge. If study abroad participants select such options, Sewanee will not pay for them; rather, the student will be responsible for paying such additional charges. If a study abroad program does not provide full board or housing, Sewanee’s treasurer’s office will refund the student for the uncovered portion (on a pro rata basis for board).

Programs vary in their charges, but Sewanee’s billing system allows students and their families to have a predictable educational expense when they study abroad. The billing system also helps Sewanee to offer financial aid to aid to students while they are abroad. Students can then make decisions on selecting a study abroad program on the content of the program rather than solely on price. Finally, the billing system covers a small portion of the costs that allow students to participate in study abroad such as study abroad advising, risk assessment, registration, and transfer of course credit, among other activities. Unlike many schools, Sewanee does not levy additional charges for participating on study away/study abroad and treats Sewanee-run and third-party programs equally.


Portability of Financial Aid

Sewanee attempts to make study abroad affordable to all students, so students are eligible to apply for portability of financial aid for any program that Sewanee operates, is a partner in, or pre-approves. All of the programs that are highlighted on the global activities map on our home page are pre-approved.  Any student who receives financial aid – based on merit or financial need – may apply for portability of financial aid toward any approved study abroad/study away program, but Sewanee does not guarantee that it will grant portability of aid. If the portability application is approved, the student’s financial aid package may be adjusted due to the cost of the program and because certain elements, e.g. work-study employment, are not available abroad. Deadlines for portability of aid change each semester, and students and families should check our website or consult our office for the appropriate date for their circumstances. To apply for portability of aid, a student must submit an application and a faculty letter of support by the deadline to the Office of Global Citizenship. Information about the process and links to the forms can be found here.