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International Students Earn Honors and Prizes at the University of the South Graduation

Please pardon our pausing to brag about the 2016 graduating class of international students, another stellar cohort. On May 8, 2016, the following eleven international students graduated with the class of 2016 from the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of the South:

  • Xinyue Dai (China)
  • Gosife Okoye (Nigeria)
  • Jiawen Liang (China)
  • Leonce Nshuti (Rwanda)
  • Petra Richer (Hungary)
  • Benita Uruhisho (Rwanda)
  • Yujie Wang (China)
  • Zhifan Wang (China)
  • Yunxin Xing (China)
  • Shichen Xu (China)
  • Yiruo Zhang (China)

An additional two international students graduated from the School of Theology on May 7 – Sister Mganuluwa Noah Masima and Father Bartholomew Lucas Segu. Ten of the eleven international students graduated with honors in the College, including three students summa cum laude and five students magna cum laude.  Three students were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and one into Omicron Delta Kappa, national honors societies.  Two graduates were Carey Fellows of the Babson Center for Global Commerce, which allowed them to explore opportunities in business through lectures, excursions, and internships.


Among the many outstanding graduating international students, a few stand out. Yujie Wang from China received honors in Mathematics and won the Robert Hooke Prize for achievement in Mathematics. In just three years, Wang completed majors in Economics and Mathematics. Upon graduating, Wang will apply her knowledge to the area of financial management with Edgehill Endowment Partners. Yiruo Zhang from China received the Robert Shipley Prize for outstanding work during the senior year by a Politics major and the E. G. Richmond Prize as the top graduate in the social sciences. While at the University of the South, Zhang also had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy and at the School of Oriental and African Studies in the U.K.  In the Fall 2016, she will study human rights at Columbia University. Zhifan Wang also came to Sewanee from China.  She majored in English and German, receiving the Jackson Cross Memorial Award for outstanding performance in German. In the fall, she will continue her studies of language and translation at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. Finally, Leonce Nshuti of Rwanda accepted a Kayden Scholarship to continue his graduate studies at Harvard in the area of medical informatics. Nshuti graduated with a degree in Economics and was named a Carey Fellow during his sophomore year. Other recent graduates are also excelling by conducting breast cancer research at Vanderbilt University, entering a Ph.D. program in neuropsychology, pursuing graduate programs in mathematics and fine arts, and working for Wells Fargo Bank.


The class of graduating international students hail from countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe and took up studies in a number of disciplines across the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. The graduates form an outstanding group of international students who have thrived at The University of the South. Their experience and achievements reflect the variety of opportunities and interests that international students can pursue at The University of the South.