Handouts and Writing Resources 

This is where you will find useful handouts explaining common errors, citation help, advice on structuring your arguments, tips for tackling various stages of the writing process, and explanations of different writing conventions across various departments here at Sewanee. This content was generated by tutors in the Sewanee Writing Center for use in Writing Center sessions, in classes across the College, and for students working on writing assignments of all kinds. 

Grammar and Style
Organization and Structure
The Writing Process
Discipline-Specific Writing

> Apostrophes

> Commas

> Comma Splices

> I and We

> Passive Voice

> Pronoun Referents

> Sample Writing Center Grammar Sheet

> Sample Writing Center Grammar Sheet 2

> Semicolons, Colons, and Dashes

> Sentence Fragments

> Subject-Verb Agreement

Paragraphing: Uneven U

Paragraphing: Topic Sentences

Paragraphing: Structure options

3-1-2 Sentences



Using Quotations


> Footnotes



> Developing a Claim

> Outlining

> Finding Evidence

The Writing Process (body paras. first)

> Research Methods

> Revision: Reverse Outline

> English

> History

> Philosophy

> General Science Writing

> Anthropology

> Art History

> Political Science

> Psychology

> Religion 

> Personal Statements