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Dr. Stephanie L. Batkie, also an Associate Teaching Professor in English and the Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, has been the Director of the Writing Center since 2016. Prior to coming to Sewanee, she founded a directed instruction program for students at The University of Montevallo, where she also headed the Graduate Program in English. 

She can be contacted at, or at (931) 598-1280.  


   Director: Sewanee Writing Center
       Dr. Stephanie L. Batkie  

                                                                                               Writing Center Tutors (Advent 2018) 

Atkins, Bramwell resized 2
Bramwell Atkins (English, Classics, Creative Writing)

Colhoun, Teressa resized 2
Teressa Colhoun (Politics) 

Collins, Victoria resized 2
Victoria Collins (Psychology, Neuroscience) 

Mikayla Cooper 2 resized1
Mikayla Cooper (English)

Cornelius, Betsy resized
Betsy Cornelius (German, History)

Crumly, Jonathan resized
Jonathan Crumly (English, Women’s and Gender Studies) 

Deane, Caroline resized
Caroline Deane (Politics)

DeLay, Kurt resized
Kurt DeLay (English, Biochemistry)

Dupree, Margaret resized
Margaret Dupree (Politics) 

Edwards, Wheeler resized
Wheeler Edwards (English)

Elliott, Erin resized
Erin Elliott (English, Environmental Science, Creative Writing)

Everett, Hayden resized
Hayden Everett (English) 

Garmon, Abigail resized
Abigail Garmon (English) 

Ghareeb, Callan resized
Callan Ghareeb (Politics, Appalachian Studies) 

Hammen, Lilly resized
Lilly Hammen (English, Philosophy) 

Higgs, Christine resiszed
Christine Higgs (English) 

Hunt, Joseph resized
Joseph Hunt (English)

Huang, Jasmine resized
Jasmine Huang (Art) 

Jones, Shaifer resized
Shaifer Jones (Biology, Spanish) 

Williamson, Luke resized 2
Luke Williamson (English, Art History, French)

LaRocque, Dayla resized
Dayla LaRocque (Politics) 

McConville, Bridget resized
Bridget McConville (Politics) 

McCrary, Maura resized
Maura McCrary (Politics)

Needham, Quinn resized
Quinn Needham (Women’s and Gender Studies, English) 

Rung, Don resized
Don Rung (Russian, Mathematics) 

Smith, Fleming resized
Fleming Smith (International and Global Studies, English, History, Humanities)

Speed, Isabelle resized
Isabelle Speed (English, Classics)

Tu, Mandy resized
Mandy Tu (English, Women’s and Gender Studies)


Wheeler, Briana resized
Briana Wheeler (English)


Wikner, Alicia resized
Alicia Wikner (International and Global Studies, English, Creative Writing)