About Us

The Sewanee Writing Center is part of The University of the South’s larger commitment to Writing Across the Curriculum. Since 1990, when the Writing Across the Curriculum program was developed by English faculty member Dr. Henry Arnold, Sewanee has approached writing in the college as a fundamental skill that spans all disciplines and departments. To this end, the Sewanee Writing Center was formed with the goal of providing students with writing assistance at all points in the writing process and for a wide array of writing projects. These might include everything from papers for a History course, to lab reports for a Chemistry course, to applications for fellowships and scholarship opportunities.

Writing Tutors

All of the Writing Tutors who staff the center have been nominated by faculty members for excellence in their written work. After nomination, students are invited to apply to become a writing tutor, and are selected on the merit of their writing skills, their overall success as a student in courses across the College, and a personal statement. In addition, new Writing Tutors are asked to take a specially designed, semester-long course, ED 220, that focuses on pedagogical approaches to college writing.

Writing Fellows

In addition to the Writing Tutors, the Sewanee Writing Center also provides Writing Fellows from our most experienced Tutors for Writing-Intensive courses. Faculty members request Fellows who have experience in the course or in the subject, and the Fellows act as dedicated student tutors for the writing assigned for that course. They may run workshops, offer specialized discipline-specific help, or otherwise support the course objectives.

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