Choir Tours

University Choir Tour

We are excited to announce our 2019 South Central US Tour! Times and locations include:

Please see below for information on our past tours.

Past Tours

2017-2018: Canada

  • May 15th: Kingston, Ontario: St. George's Cathedral
  • May 17th: Quebec City, Quebec: Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • May 18th: Montreal, Quebec: Notre Dame Bascilica
  • May 20th: Toronto, Ontario: St. James Cathedral
  • May 22nd: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario: St. Mark's Anglican Church 

Canada 2018

2016-2017: Southeastern United States

  • March 19th: Atlanta, GA: Cathedral of Saint Philip
  • March 20th: Charleston, SC: Grace Church Cathedral
  • March 21st: Columbia, SC: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
  • March 22nd: Alexandria, VA: Christ Church
  • March 24th: Washington, DC: National Cathedral
  • March 26th: Asheville, NC: Trinity Episcopal