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Examples and Ideas

Front porch

Ideas are gathered from individual submissions via the web site and in a variety of meetings. Please click Read More to see some inspiration for University Avenue. Below you will also find the beginning notes and ideas submitted through specific gatherings. The first such gathering was the Town Forum on October 10.  

Most images are not specific designs for University Avenue, unless identified as such. We anticipate images and sketches from other locations that have desirable features.  

When submitting images, we hope the senders will identify specific desirable features. 

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University Avenue Open Forum: October 10, 2015

The following notes summarize a collection of ideas gathered at the forum on October 10. Some notes were gathered in the Convocation Hall discussion and others on the walk along University Avenue.

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Trustees and Family Weekend Meetings

Tree-like sheltered areaA summary of ideas gathered over the week of October 12-17 that included parents and trustee meetings.  

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Letters and Comments

General letters and comments without images or other documents are posted here.  

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Student Government Association Meeting

Commons atop FulfordStudent Government Association met in the evening on Monday, October 26. Here is summary of their meeting. 

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Alumni Forum

University Avenue Alumni Forum - Minutes 
November 13, 2015
4PM in Convocation Hall

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