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Applying for Support

In establishing the Center for Teaching, the Administration of the University agreed to establish a fund by which the Center will give grants to groups of faculty members or individual faculty members for projects for which the purpose is to "enhance the quality of teaching at the University." The Center receives an annual budget to fund these activities.

Funding Priorities and Practices

The Center's mandate is to support and enhance teaching. We fund one-time innovations and favor projects that promise a long-term impact on teaching and learning. Continuing support for successful innovations should be sought within departmental and other budgets. We cannot fund equipment purchases, make any individual awards that exceed 10% of our fiscal year budget, support an individual's progress toward an advanced degree, or provide further support for awardees who do not file final reports.

Within these criteria, our funding priorities are:

  • Supporting pedagogical growth and teaching innovations.
  • Developing or significantly enhancing teaching or courses that are [a] outside a faculty member's existing expertise and either [b] connect faculty's research, writing, or creative expressions more closely to teaching, or [c] meet pressing curricular or staffing needs.
  • Developing or significantly enhancing teaching or courses that are in the faculty member's existing area of expertise but meet criterion 'b' or 'c' above.
  • Course development other than listed above as well as any professional enhancement or programs that contribute to teaching.

The Center receives many requests that might also be funded by the Dean's allowance for professional meetings or the University's research and faculty development funds. Where a proposal falls between various funds, please identify its specific teaching character in your request to the Center.

In general, funds of the Center for Teaching will not be used for materials for which there is an obvious source from other University budgets. For example, computer software can be obtained from the Academic Technology Center; books and videos can be obtained from duPont Library.

Application Deadlines and Funding Requirements

The Center's Director welcome inquires about possible projects and are willing to consult on preparing proposals. Although the Center does not specify the format, all proposals should specify the dates and estimated cost of the project and give a specifically pedagogical rationale for undertaking it.

The Center receives proposals and makes awards once each semester. In the Advent Semester the deadline for proposals is the first Friday in November. Advent awards fund projects within the current fiscal year of the award. In the Easter Semester the deadline is the first Friday in March. Easter awards fund projects in the current as well as the following fiscal year. Unless otherwise specified, all awards must be completed financially (funds dispersed and receipts returned) no later than June 30 th in the calendar year following the award (e.g. accounting for an Advent 2009 award must be completed no later than June 30, 2010; an Easter 2010 award by June 30, 2011).

To ensure a fair competition among all applicants, the Center does not consider major awards outside its regularly scheduled competitions. It does, however, consider small grants when needs and opportunities arise at other times.

All awards require final reports covering finances and the project itself. To avoid IRS penalties, the University requires receipts for all expenses approved in the award. Although an award's financial accounting must be completed by the aforementioned deadlines, the report on the outcome of the project itself is due no later than the three months after its deadline for financial accounting. When appropriate, the Center asks that awardees share the results of their project in a departmental or campus forum.

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