Summer in Sewanee

Beyond the Lectures

The lectures and discussions are the focal point of the week, but they are only part of the program. Other components are the informal lectures and the optional cultural and recreational events. In recent years participants have enjoyed:
Concerts of the Sewanee Summer Music Festival; Films, both for pleasure and reinforcement of the lectures; Receptions and informal gatherings; Exploring the campus, the Domain, and nearby areas; Swimming and other activities in the Fowler Center; Evenings at Stirling’s Coffeehouse; Golf, Tennis ... and so forth. The time is yours – to be actively engaged, to sit back and relax, to get to know some interesting people, and to recharge your spirit. 

Other Programs of Interest

Sewanee Summer Music Festival  June 21–July 20

Young Writers Conference June 29–July 12

Tiger Tennis Camp June 22–July 27

School of Letters June 8–July 18