Field School In Archaeology

ContactSarah Sherwood • 931.598.3396

The summer archaeological field school on the University’s 13,000 acre domain is part of the offerings of the Sewanee Environmental Institute and instructs students in excavation methods, laboratory analysis and the use of the latest non-invasive technology at rock shelter sites dating to hunter-gatherer cultures of the Early Archaic Period as well as early horticulturalists of the Middle Woodland Period.

Sewanee Summer Music Festival (SSMF)

The Sewanee Summer Music Festival (SSMF) is an internationally acclaimed summer festival, which combines a four-week program for advanced music students and a professional concert series. Each summer, more than 200 aspiring young musicians from all over the United States and abroad join more than 40 teachers, performers, and internationally recognized guest artists to create a musical community in Sewanee.

Contact: Evelyn Loehrlein • 931.598.1225

Summer School

The College’s six-week summer session serves students who wish to broaden or enrich their academic program, gain additional credits, or speed acquisition of their degree. Incoming freshmen may wish to take summer classes to adjust to college challenges in a more relaxed atmosphere. Regular college faculty members provide the instruction. Course content and academic standards are the same as during the regular academic year. Both introductory and advanced courses are offered. It is held from mid June to late July and about 80 students attend.

Summer School Course Registration closes: June 1.

The Lilly Summer Discernment Institute

Contact: Rob McAlister  • 931.598.1251

The purpose of the program is to develop a new generation of religious and service-oriented leaders through substantive experiences in summer internships. In particular, the program was developed to help attract students to the ordained ministry and to vocations that embrace service as a way of life. To that end, the LSDI consists of four days of classes, orientation, speakers, discussion groups, and group activities, followed by six to eight weeks of field internships, and culminates in a four-day session back at Sewanee for formal presentations by participants on their experiences, reflection, and discussions of significant learning.