Use of the Logomark on Merchandise

All University branded merchandise shall conform to the use of the Sewanee logomarks shown in this manual. Applications of the University mark and its typography for novelty items or merchandise are subject to approval for licensing by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Requests for review of designs may be forwarded directly to them and will be evaluated for their compliance with the University’s identity standards. This process applies both to University materials as well as to those prepared by outside vendors for on-­campus clients.

No other graphics or logo intended to represent the University should be developed or used unless approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Use of the name “Sewanee” and “The University of the South”
on clothing and merchandise.

When the name Sewanee and The University of the South are used together, the Sewanee word mark should be used.

When used separately: The name Sewanee and The University of the South may be used separately on merchandise and clothing as defined in the following.

The name Sewanee OR The University of the South may each be used alone in the following styles:
1.  Slab serif style

         1. Arched baseline
         2. Straight baseline

Example slab serif fonts:
  • ITC Lubalin Graph 3
  • Magnus (Elsner & Flake)
  • Rockwell (Monotype)

2. Blackletter style

Example Blackletter fonts:
  • Monotype Goudy Text
  • ITC Agincourt
  • Wilhelm Klinspor Gotisch (Linotype)
  • Linotext (Linotype)

3. Script style

Example script fonts:
  • Brody & Commercial Script
  • Brush Script
  • Gillies Gothic
  • Kaufman

The Sewanee initial “S” may be used in the following styles (font examples same as above).

   1. Slab serif style
   2. Blackletter style
   3. Script style

Use of the University Seal on Merchandise

The seal should only be used as an official expression of the University on high quality items which may include:
  • Captain’s chairs
  • Official school rings
  • Selected engraved crystal, gold, silver, brass, pewter and wooden items such as jewelry, blazer buttons, and Cross pens.
  • Other items as approved by the Office of Marketing and Communication.

For additional guidelines governing the use of the University seal on merchandise see page 6.1 of the Styleguide PDF.

Note:  The use of the seal is to signify formal and official University endorsement, rather than for decoration.