The Sewanee logomark is the keystone of our visual identity and is used on all communications materials.
The only acceptable logomark is pictured on this here. It may not be reconstructed or altered in any way. It must be reproduced from ­reproduction-quality art or from high-­resolution digital files available at on the styleguide home page or from the Office of Marketing and Communications, 931-598-1286; communications@sewanee.edu. Logos are provided in a variety of formats including eps, tiff, and jpeg.

Color, typography, and reproduction specifications of the logomark as well as details about the communi­cations materials on which it will appear are provided below.
The word "Sewanee," in this typeface ("Mrs. Eaves" from Emigre Fonts), may also be used alone.
Logomark placement

Maintain a minimum distance (equivalent to the x-height of “SEWANEE”)  between the logomark and any other elements appearing with it, or the edge of the page.

For legibility, the minimum size at which it is acceptable to reduce the Sewanee logomark is a 7/8" (5p3) width.

Logomark color
Adhering to the following color reproduction guidelines will help in creating a consistent image and maintaining the visual impact of the logomark.

When printing over a white or light background, the logomark should be reproduced in Pantone® 273 or its equivalent. In one- or two-color applications where Pantone® 273 is not available, the logomark should be reproduced in the darkest color available.

When appearing on a dark or black background, the entire logomark should reverse out to white.

Altering the logomark

Please use the logomark as it was designed and do not change it in anyway including the following:
  • Do not alter the proportions of the logomark typography.
  • Do not duplicate any part of the logomark to create a pattern.
  • Do not respace Sewanee logomark type.
  • Do not recreate the Sewanee type or substitute another typeface.
  • Never configure the elements into a different logomark
  • Do not distort the logomark.
  • Never crop any part of the logomark.
  • Never tilt the logomark in any direction.
Combining the logomark with a background
The logomark should be clearly visible when printed on a background -- for photographic backgrounds please make sure the logomark is over an area of flat color such as sky or grass, and in an appropriate color: dark on a light background or light on a dark background.
  • Do not print the logomark in black over a dark background.
  • Do not print the reversed out logomark onto a light or white background.
  • Do not place logomark over heavily patterned background.