The University colors are Purple and Gold.  The following formulas will reproduce consistent colors in most applications.

PANTONE 273 (blue-purple)

For print applications

Pantone® 273

Process Matching:
Cyan    100%
Magenta    96%
Yellow    0%
Black     5%

For Web applications
Sewanee Purple: 330066

PANTONE: 1235 (yellow-gold)

For print applications

Pantone® 1235

Process Matching:
Cyan    0%
Magenta    29%
Yellow    91%
Black     0%

For Web applications
Sewanee Gold: 666666

Adhering to the following color reproduction guidelines will help in creating a consistent image and maintaining the visual impact of the logomark.

When printing over a white or light background, the logomark should be reproduced in Pantone® 273 or its equivalent. In one- or two-color applications where Pantone® 273 is not available, the logomark should be reproduced in the darkest color available.

When appearing on a dark or black background, the entire logomark should reverse out to white.