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Jesse Ball duPont Library

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Chapel of the Apostles worship schedule and customary usage

Map of Hamilton Hall – Upper Level

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Directed Reading/The Rose Model

FERPA Policy

Notification of Students' Rights with Respect to Their Educational Records


2018 DuBose Lectures and Alumni Gathering

The schedule and frequently asked questions may be found here.

Community Life Resources

For more information about community life resources—health insurance, seminary committees, childcare, and CIM—click here.


Spiritual Directors

The Rev. Dr. Patricia Cahill                         

Marcia Mary Cook                                      

Sr. Madeleine Mary Hodges                       

Rev. Sara Nally                                           

Sara W. Wile (Sissie)                                   

The Rev. Dr. Remington Rose-Crossley      

The Rev. Ramona Rose-Crossley               

The Rev. Gene B. Manning