University Wellness Center building

The University Wellness Center is located at 1310 University Ave in Sewanee.  

Where is that on campus?

The Wellness Center is located next to the hospital (Southern Tennessee Regional Health at Sewanee, formerly known as Emerald Hodgson Hospital) and across the street from the Sewanee Inn.  We share a parking lot with the hospital and a few private practices.  Our building is perpendicular to the lot itself.


How do I get there if I'm driving/biking from another location?

University Ave is the main street that runs through campus; it's a semi-circle that connects to the highway (41-A) at both ends.  

If you're driving from Monteagle/the interstate:
University Ave will be on your right after passing through the Sewanee gates.  There is a stone sign with the University's name that marks the road.  After less than a mile on University Ave, you will see the golf course and Sewanee Inn on the right, the hospital and parking lot on the left.  

If you're driving from Cowan/Winchester:
University Ave will be on the left as you enter Sewanee.  You can turn at the blinking light at the junction where Shenanigan's and the Sewanee Market are and drive through campus until you reach the Inn/hospital; or, you can drive to the other end of the campus and turn left at the large stone sign.  If you pass the stone gates and come to St. Andrew's-Sewanee School, you have gone too far.


Where can I park?

Parking is available in the lot in front of the Center.  Please note that we share a lot with the hospital itself and a few private practices.  If the parking lot is full, please do not park in front of the building along the curb; this is not a valid parking spot and you may be ticketed.

If you ride your bike to the Center, there is a bike rack in front of the building available.


Which office do I go in?

Our waiting rooms are separated into "sick" and "well."

The Sick Waiting Room, on the left: this means you are contagious, you are not feeling well and could spread your illness to others.

The Well Waiting Room, on the right: this means you are not contagious - if you're coming to the Center for counseling sessions, physicals, or immunizations.

You're welcome to talk to a staff member on either side.  If you're required to check in on a different side, a staff member will direct you accordingly.

Please note that the offices are closed during lunch.  The Center itself is open during business hours and there is a small waiting foyer that connects both offices; if you come during lunch and an office door is locked, you are welcome to wait in this area until business hours resume.