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As part of a growing initiative to provide wellness outreach to our campus, this series offers several open lectures throughout the year on various topics related to overall health and well-being, such as nutrition, stress management, spiritual wellness and more.

Lunch provided at all events held at the Women's Center.

 All events are held in the Mary Sue Cushman Room at the Bairnwick Women's Center unless otherwise noted.



            "Leadership for a Better World,"
            with Dean Becky Spurlock, PhD - Senior Associate Dean of Student Life.

            Come learn about the Social Change Model of Leadership Development,
            an approach to leadership that builds self-knowledge and capacity to mobilize
            and work collaboratively on shared commitments.  This contemporary
            leadership framework gives individuals a path to active leadership and citizenship.


            Tuesday, 12:30 pm
            Catered by Sewanee Dining



            Treat Yo'Self - Self-Compassion in Uncompassionate  Times
            with Katie Van Cleave, MA, Staff Clinician at the Wellness Center,
            and Ben Craft, MS, Case Manager at the Wellness Center.

            Don't let the cold and fog keep you down!
            Come fight the February blues and enjoy some great food from The Mountain Goat
            Market and hot tea from Stirling's.  We'll learn how to be fully present, 
            self-compassionate, forgiving, and how to enjoy life despite the
            winter weather!


            Tuesday, 12:30 pm
            Catered by Mountain Goat Market; drinks via Stirling's




          Eat to Nourish: Learn to honor the relationship of food and well being 
          with Mary Pate-Bennett, MS, RD, LDN, CLC  
 How attune are you to your body’s hunger and fullness cues? Do you eat when
          you are hungry? Stop when you are full? Or rather, do you eat for other
          reasons—stress, boredom, sadness, loneliness, or even joy? Do you sometimes
          realize you have overeaten only when you are uncomfortably full? How do we
          foster our relationship with food so that we no longer struggle to know what
          to eat and how much?  By respecting your hunger and fullness cues. This
          philosophy seems simple enough, but applying it can be complicated. We have
          had a lifetime of food-related messages, some true—some false, that have
          shaped our relationship with food. This relationship is embedded into our daily
          lives, driving our beliefs about wellness, and influencing our physical and
          mental health. Learn some simple methods to start questioning your
          relationship with food and how to better trust your own intuition.


            Tuesday, 12:30 pm
            Catered by Sewanee Dining

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Please check back each semester for new Colloquium announcements!  Some of our previous talks can be found out our YouTube channel.