How to Apply for Accommodations at Sewanee as an Incoming New Student

If you are in need of Academic, Temporary Condition, Physical Disability or Chronic Health Accommodations, you will need to complete and submit an additional application.  The goal of this web page is to walk you through the process so that your accommodations can be in place by the time you begin your academic career at Sewanee.  For complete information about our Accessibility Policies and Processes, please see our Student Accessibility Services page.  


Which application do I need to complete?

The application you'll need to complete depends on what type of accommodations you need; this differentiation allows us to process and direct your request more efficiently.  Please review the different categories below and download the PDF application that best suits your needs:


  • Are you in need of academic accommodations (considerations for classes and exams)?  Then you'll need to complete the:

  • Are you in need of housing accommodations (considerations for specific living arrangements, emotional support and service animals)?  Then you'll need to complete the:

  • Are you in need of parking accommodations?  Then you'll need to complete the:

  • Are you in need of an accommodation not listed above?
    • You will need to contact the Accessibility office to discuss the requirements for your particular request.  Please see below for our contact information.


What if I'm not sure which type of accommodations I need?

If you're not sure, we always welcome and encourage questions.  Please feel free to call our office at 931-598-1270.  You'll reach a phone menu that will prompt you to choose the appropriate number.  Our staff will be happy to explain what kind of paperwork is needed for your particular request.

What's in the application?

The complete accommodations application will have 4 components: an Intake form, two Consent forms, and some form of documentation.  Our pre-made applications supply the correct version of our forms based on your request.

Every application, regardless of the type of request, will include our Intake form:

Intake Form Preview

Thumbnail example

The Intake form is a two page document that will ask a few basic questions to help us understand your needs and request.  Since the form is designed for several types of accommodations, some of the questions may not be pertinent to your type of request or may ask for information that you do not yet know.  Please complete the form to the best of your ability; it is okay to leave some questions blank.

Additionally, every application will contain 2 Consent forms.

Consent Form Preview

Thumbnail example

Please be aware that if your application has 2 Consent forms, both are required.  The Consent forms look very similar, but serve different purposes.  For your convenience, the Consent forms have been pre-filled out to include: party information is to be released to, purpose, type of information, specific information, and expiration.  The only portions that need to be completed by you are Name/DOB/Address at the top and Signature/Date at the bottom.  All other fields should be left as is.  The student must complete this form with a manual signature; we are unable to accept the form if the signature is electronically typed.  

What am I giving consent for?

Every student applying for accommodations will sign a Review Consent form.  This release of information allows the Student Accessibility Support Review Committee to discuss your case.  It is a necessary requirement in our process.  More information on the Committee may be found at our Student Accessibility Services page.

Additionally, you will be asked to complete another Consent form based on your type of request; this allows us to inform the proper office on campus about your accommodations should they be granted.  For example, we may ask you to complete a Consent form for Residential Life if you're asking for Housing accommodations; that would allow us to inform their office that you have been certified eligible to request specific housing arrangements.

Do I have to submit documentation and what kind do I need to submit?  What if I don't have that?

Documentation allows us to best understand your accommodations need.  The type of documentation that we ask for is included in each application.  If you do not have documentation, please contact our office for information on how to proceed with the request.

How do I submit my accessibility request application?

You may submit your application in three different ways.

1) Mail or ship it to University Wellness Center, Student Accessibility Services, 1310 University Ave, Sewanee, TN 37383-1000.

2) Fax it to 931-598-1261.  Our fax is private and secure.

3) Scan and email it to  While this method is acceptable, we do encourage you to fax or mail when possible since email is not a secure means of communication.  Please be aware that we cannot accept pictures of documentation or consent forms; if emailing your paperwork, the forms must be scanned to a PDF format.

May I have a parent or guardian complete the application for me?

Parents or guardians may help you in this process.  They are welcome to call our office and ask general policy questions or submit the paperwork on your behalf.  However, you, as the student, must be the one to complete the paperwork.  Once the process is started, we will be working with and communicating with you, directly, to ensure that we can best assist you with your needs.

When is it due?

The deadline to submit these forms, and any documentation supporting your concern, is May 31st, the same time your New Student Health Forms are due.

What if I submit my application after the due date or what if I don't turn in all the requirements?

Please be aware that this may delay our ability to process your application.  Applications submitted after the deadline will still be considered, but the review may not be conducted until later in the summer.

What happens after I submit my application?

Your paperwork will be given to our Director of Student Accessibility Services and we will be in touch with you about the next step, whether that's to set up a phone appointment or request additional documentation.  Please be aware that students will be contacted in the summer, either via their Sewanee email account or by their cell phone number.  

If your accommodations are granted, you will have an Accommodations Letter certifying your eligibility for those accommodations ready by the time you arrive on campus.  While our office certifies student eligibility to request accommodations, we do not implement the individual accommodations themselves.  Students are required to meet with the Director of Accessibility to receive the letter, if awarded, so that he may explain the implementation process.  Please see the Student Accessibility Service page for a more detailed description of the process.  

How long does the process take?

Please be aware that we receive a large volume of requests during the summer.  If you submitted by the deadline and have not heard a response by the end of July, please contact our office to ensure that your application was received.  Otherwise, all applicants should expect to have a final decision before August 15th.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to call us (931-598-1270)! Our office has limited hours during the summer, but if you leave your name, number and a brief message, we will be sure to return your call within 2 - 3 business days.