Additional Wellness Resources

The University Wellness Center believes that the core elements in the full spectrum of "wellness" are all important: balance, movement, creativity, empowerment, growth, strength, connection, empathy, mindfulness and resilience.  This page is designed to shine a light on some free resources and informational websites that can help you discover and embrace your own sense of wellness.

 Informational or Interactive Websites / Other Apps / Videos 


Informational or Interactive Websites:

Mental Health

    • Talk Space - Online Therapy with a Licensed Therapist (requires a fee that is similar to the cost of a co-pay).

    • 7 Cups - Free, anonymous and confidential online text chat with trained listeners.

    • Woebot - A free, interactive chatbot designed to teach you cognitive behavioral skills to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

    • Student Mental Health - Online Guidebook
      A free resource detailing common mental health issues found on college campuses, how to recognize those issues, advice on how to seek help, and tips for maintaining wellness for students on campus.

    • UC San Diego CAPS Self-Help Library 
      Books, apps, and website links focused on mental health and wellness from UCSD's Counseling and Psychological Services.

    • APA Psychology Help Center
      Psychology Help Center is an online consumer resource featuring information related to psychological issues affecting your daily physical and emotional well-being. 

    • Crisis Text Line
      Crisis hotline accessed by texting instead of calling; free, 24/7 emotional support and information.


Sleep Habits and Tips 


Positivity/Wellness Tips

    • Authentic Happiness - UPenn's website for positive psychology, including information, latest research, and questionnaires.

    • Hooplaha - daily stories of positivity, inspiration, humor and good news.

    • Tiny Buddha - simple wisdom for complex lives.

    • Good Magazine - articles, infographics and projects for the global good.

    • Marc & Angel Hack Life - personal development blog with several lists of positive ideas.

    • Digital Wellbeing - Information from Google to help disconnect from the digital world.


Meditation/Stress Relief

    • How to Meditate - beginning meditation techniques, types, and motivations.

    • Rainy Mood - looping sounds of rain to provide relaxing background noise.

    • - images of peaceful scenes, offers a time limit option and may be used for meditation purposes.


Transitions of Care


Other Apps:

    • Mindshift - strategies for coping with different forms of anxiety, including test and social anxiety.

    • Breathe2Relax - portable breathing exercise tool for stress management.

    • T2 Mood Tracker - tool for monitoring and tracking emotional health.

    • 30/30 - task manager designed to help organize and allocate set time for those tasks.

    • Sleepbug - ambient scene and sound generator.

    • Headspace - tools and instruction for learning and implementing daily meditation.

    • Dartmouth Health Promotion and Wellness Relaxation Downloads - audio files and guided imagery to help learn and practice meditation.

    • Charity Miles - an app that lets you raise money for charity whenever you walk, run or bike.

    • Lumosity - games and activities designed to help exercise the brain.






The University Wellness Center is not affiliated with any of the products or companies listed on this page.  Links are meant to be supplemental and should not be considered a substitute for seeing a medical or mental health professional.  To make an appointment with the Wellness Center to see a health professional, please refer to our Appointment FAQ.