How do I begin a new Student Organization?

    1. Decide on the club name and type (make sure your club is not a copy of a already existing one)
    2. Recruit a club advisor. Faculty (active or emeriti) or Staff (full-time).
    3. Contact the Student Government Association (SGA) to get started with a club constitution/charter that includes:
      • The nature and mission of the organization
      • Membership requirements
      • Leadership roles and responsibilities (including faculty/staff advisor)
      • Process for removal of someone in a leadership position and/or filling a leadership vacancy
      • Organization operation (how often to meet, policy for quorum in a voting situation, etc)
      • Funding strategy and expected expenses
    4. Set up an interview time and present the club/organization to the SGA to get approved.
    5. Once the SGA has approved the club/organization, setup a meeting with the Student Activities Coordinator to setup your club's OrgSync Portal.
    If you have further questions, please contact Suvi Piipponen, Student Activities Coordinator, at or at ext. 1386.