Student Activities

Student Activities at Sewanee, through its programs, organizations, and events, coordinates and implements cultural, educational, recreational, and social co-curricular activities that contributes to the University’s purpose of the development of the whole person through a liberal arts education. We do this through:

  • Fostering and celebrating the diversity of our community and the world at large;
  • Challenging individuals to evaluate their personal and societal values and beliefs;
  • Creating gathering places that enhance community life;
  • Providing students with extensive opportunities for leadership and citizenship experiences which empower them to take a lead role in the life and mission of the university and surrounding community;
  • Creating a supportive and enriching atmosphere which cultivates growth, development, and engagement within our University community.


A dozen students serve as active members of The Board which seeks to engage the student community in a wide array of entertainment mostly free of charge. The members of the Board. plan a variety of student activities including the following:


The Board brings excellent bands to the Mountain every semester for the Welcome Back concert and Fall and Spring Party weekends. Past bands include: Ghostland Observatory, the Infamous Stringdusters, Metro Station, DJ Earworm, Sugar Hill Gang, Coolio, Boy named Banjo, and Umphrey’s McGee. The Board also hosts live music every week at the Tiger Bay Pub.

Down-the-Mountain Trips:

Almost every month The Board takes an off-campus trips. Students who participate in these trips are treated to movie nights, mall trips, aquarium visits, etc. We all know that sometimes you just need to get off the Mountain!

Recurring Events:

The Board sponsors events that regularly take place throughout the year. Events like Trivia Night, Bingo, Life Skills, Open Mic Night, Arts & Crafts 

Our Planning Areas 
  • Special Events
  • Entertainment
  • Recreation, Fitness, and Short Courses
  • Life Skills
  • Arts & Crafts
The Board at a glance
  • Large scale concerts which include our Welcome Back, Fall, and Spring Concerts
  • Outdoor Movies and Bingo Night
  • Entertainment: Live at the Pub series, Trivia Night at the Blue Chair Tavern
  • Activity based trips: roller and ice Skating, movies, aquarium trips, jump park trips
  • Recreation and Fitness events: themed 5ks,
  • Entertainment based trips: dinner theater, musicals, and various sporting events
  • Arts & Crafts: Bottles & Brushes, DIYs, Sewing and Kinitting, and cooking classes

The events planned by The Board vary each semester, so check OrgSync and Facebook page for updates! All events sponsored by The Board are open to all students and are (mostly) free!

Do you like event planning? Interested in joining the Board?

For further information contact Suvi Piipponen, Student Activities Coordinator, at or ext. 1386. Office Located in Bishop's Common.