Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply?

Anyone who is currently an undergraduate student can apply for a ministry internship, even undergraduates who are graduating in the same academic year as the summer they are proposing (i.e. seniors graduating in December or May before the summer intended).  However, only Sewanee students may apply for a service related internship.

Can I apply to work with my home church, or with an organization where I have previously volunteered or worked?

You can, but we strongly discourage it. We want to empower you to experience work that would otherwise be unavailable to you, work that puts you outside your comfort zone, and work that enables you to see ministry or service from an entirely new angle. You can say that without this stipend you would not otherwise be able to do this work, but if the admissions committee has a large number of similar-type proposals, the ones outlining work with a familiar organization/church will be cut first.

What are you looking for from applications?

We want to hear why you are interested in the work you are proposing, what exactly you hope to do, and how this plays into your passions and gifts. There is no magic formula for acceptance, and the applications are considered in relation to those submitted the same year. 

How much are we paid and are we given any travel stipend?

Students are paid $400/week for up to eight weeks as a living stipend. However, they should plan on supporting themselves on a 2/3 advance of their stipends for the weeks they are away, and should expect the remaining 1/3 of their stipend after they finish their internship, do their presentation, and turn in their final reflective paper. Some travel support is given to non-Sewanee students for travel to Sewanee for the first week, and both Sewanee and non-Sewanee students are given some travel support for travel back to Sewanee for the final week.  Travel to internship sites is not provided by the program.  Travel support for the weeks in Sewanee are capped at up to $325 for airfare and $225 for mileage for Sewanee students.

Are the two weeks in Sewanee mandatory and are there any costs associated with these weeks?

The two weeks in Sewanee ARE mandatory. Housing, food, and entertainment will be covered during this time (though some spending money should also be brought). Students will be partially responsible for their travel costs to and from during those weeks.  Should a student miss a portion of the week for unanticipated reasons, part of their final stipend will be affected.

Can internships happen abroad or are they limited to national sites only?

Internships can be proposed for anywhere in the world. The only considerations we suggest the applicant consider is: explain why this work must be done in another country (i.e. if your passion is working with orphans why must you explore this in China versus here in the United States?); and factor in your own planning how you will cover the cost of your travel above and beyond the travel stipend.

Are applications due ON March 2nd, or should they be POSTMARKED by March 2nd?

We used to accept applications by mail, but have moved to an entirely online application process.  Since we will begin evaluating applications very shortly after April 1st, we strongly encourage everyone to have all their application materials in ON March 2nd.

Are there limitations on the type of service work I can apply to do?

No. If the work is a service to anyone, and it is something you feel called to do, then it is a possibility.

What happens during the two on-campus weeks in Sewanee?

For an idea of the schedule during these weeks, please see: Week 1 and Week 2.