Residential Life Staff

Administrative Staff


Kate Reed | Director of Residential Life
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Becca Yates | Office Coordinator
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Bobby Silk | Assistant Director of Residential Life

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Areas of responsibility: Cannon Hall & Smith Hall; first year programming & facilities

Area Coordinators
Area coordinators have the dual responsibility of supporting and promoting essential educational programs on campus while also fostering a respectful, welcoming, safe, and collegial tone in a group of residential facilities. Residential Life responsibilities include: live in a residence hall within an area of 300+ residents, offer informal counseling and refer student(s) to appropriate University personnel for assistance as needed, serve in the second-tier on-call response rotation, prepare residence halls for opening and closing each semester, and uphold the residential, social, and academic traditions of the University. In addition to Residential Life responsibilities, each area coordinator has additional responsibilities.  


Graham Davis

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Areas of responsibility: Hodgson Hall, Hoffman Hall, Johnson Hall, Phillips Hall, and St. Luke's Hall; communications & language housing.

Lisa Perry

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Areas of responsibility: Ayres Hall, Elliott Hall, Hunter Hall, & McCrady Hall; assessment & sorority housing.

Benuel Post

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Areas of responsibility: Cleveland Hall, Gorgas Hall, Quintard Hall, & Tuckaway Hall; theme housing. 

Cody Whittington

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Areas of responsibility: Benedict Hall, Courts Hall, Humphreys Hall, & Trezevant Hall; Programming and Proctor Recruitment 


Head Proctors

Head proctors are senior students who have previously served as proctors and take on further administrative responsibilities in the Office of Residential Life. Each head proctor has a specific focus that drives the projects they work on during the academic year.

The Head Proctors for the 2018-2019 Academic Year are:

Karissa Wheeler

Anna Westmoreland

The position of a University proctor is both an honor and a great responsibility. Proctors are student staff members who work under the supervision of the director of residential life, area coordinators, and the head proctors to create civil and respectful residential environments that enhance student academic experiences. Proctors promote educational and social programs in their residence halls, enforce policies and regulations, and serve as leaders throughout the campus community. Proctors also serve as the first-tier of on-call response. Students are eligible for the position of proctor in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.