Quintard Hall

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Quintard Memorial Hall was gifted to the University in 1900 by George W. Quintard in memory of his brother, the Rt. Rev. Charles Todd Quintard, second Bishop of Tennessee and first Vice-Chancellor of the University.  From 1902 to 1908, it served as the home of the Sewanee Grammar School, and then became the home of the Sewanee Military Academy (SMA) from 1908 to 1971. When the SMA was closed in 1971, Quintard remained open as the home of the Sewanee Academy until it merged with the nearby St. Andrew's Sewanee School in 1981. In 1990, Quintard was renovated and reopened as a co-ed residence hall for the University.


Quintard houses 116 upperclassmen in 1 triple, 24 doubles and 70 singles.

Thirty-two of the singles are arranged in suites of four rooms which share their own central common room. The common rooms of these suites are furnished with a couch or chairs and a padded window seat. Suites have their own restrooms. Residents living on the third through fifth floors share hall restrooms. Students on the second floor share a restroom, located between every two student rooms. All rooms are carpeted and windows are furnished with blinds.

Room Furnishings (based on a double occupancy room): 

  • Two twin beds with approximately 12 inches of space under each bed
  • Two desks with chairs
  • Two free standing bookcases with three shelves each
  • Two dressers with five drawers each
  • Two built-in closets with a rod for hanging clothes and a shelf above for added storage
  • Two waste bins and one recycling bin
  • One room phone and two Ethernet ports


The first floor has a large kitchen with dining room, a study room, a parlor with fireplace, a laundry room, an exercise/TV room, and an indoor bicycle room. There are large TV lounges located at both ends of the second floor. Quintard also contains an elevator. Quintard Hall is air-conditioned. It also has a back patio with a grill.

The second floor is designated as substance-free, meaning that all residents of that floor agree not to use alcohol, tobacco, or other substances in their rooms, and all University students agree not to be on that floor if they are under the influence of alcohol or another substance. For more information on substance-free housing, please visit the Residential Life Policies & Procedures webpage.

A‌dditional Info

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