McCrady Hall

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McCrady Exterior view


McCrady Hall is located on Alabama Avenue, near duPont Library, Gailor Hall, Woods Lab, and McClurg Dining Hall. Originally built in 1964, this residence hall has a tower-like feature resembling a castle.


McCrady hall room interior McCrady hall room interior

McCrady houses 92 men and women.  Rooms are arranged in suites for four students, with two study rooms and two bedrooms connected by a bathroom. Each study room opens into a bedroom.  All rooms are carpeted and windows are furnished with blinds.

Bedroom Dimensions: 12'1" x 9'1" with 2 windows

Study Room Dimensions: 12'1" x 8'1" with 3 windows

Room Furnishings (based on a double occupancy room):  

  • Two Twin XL beds with approximately 14” of storage space under each bed
  • Two built-in closets with a 24” rod for hanging clothes and shelving above for added storage
  • Two dressers with five drawers each
  • Some rooms have one shared wall length desk with two chairs while others have two separate freestanding desks with chairs
  • Two wall mounted bookcases with two shelves each
  • One waste bin and one recycling bin
  • Full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door
  • One room phone and two Ethernet ports


The central first floor common room features a large stone fireplace, comfortable couches, cable television, and a VCR/DVD player. Smaller first and second floor common rooms have couches and chairs for reading or relaxing. A raised stone patio runs along the rear of the building and hosts a grill.

A‌dditional Info

McCrady Hall rooms are not air-conditioned. The first floor common room is air-conditioned.

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