Apply for a Student Staff Position


The position of a University proctor is both an honor and a great responsibility. Proctors are student staff members who work under the supervision of the director of residential life, area coordinators, and lead proctors to create civil and respectful residential environments that enhance student academic experiences. Proctors promote educational and social programs in their residence halls, enforce policies and regulations, and serve as leaders throughout the campus community. Proctors also serve as the first-tier of on-call response. Students are eligible for the position of proctor in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Please read the complete position description here: Proctor Position Description.

Lead Proctor

Lead proctors carry out all of the same duties and responsibilities as proctors listed in the job description and serve as a leader among their proctor peers. For each cluster of buildings, one lead proctor coordinates communication and oversees administrative tasks in the area such as monitoring the duty calendar, collecting all completeed room condition reports, and serving as the head of the building cluster’s phone tree. Students are eligible for the position of lead proctor in their junior and senior years after they have served at least one year as part of residential life student staff.

Please read the complete position description here: Lead Proctor Position Description.


Students interested in a proctor or lead proctor position should submit:

  • THREE completed recommendation forms:
    • One from a faculty member,
    • One from one of your current Proctors (current Proctors who are reapplying should get a recommendation from a fellow Proctor), and
    • One from a current or former supervisor. 

If selected to continue after a submission of a completed application, applicants will be scheduled for a group process interview. Group process interviews will take place in early February. If selected to continue on, applicants will be contacted for an individual interview.

All application materials must be received by Noon on Monday, January 28, 2019.