Filing a sexual misconduct report

Who May File a Sexual Misconduct Report

Anyone with knowledge of sexual misconduct is encouraged, and some University officials are mandated, to report the misconduct. Any person who is the subject of alleged sexual misconduct by a student may file a report against a student for an alleged violation of this policy. When the reporter is the subject of sexual misconduct, the reporter typically files her or his own report, which may be resolved based on the wishes of the reporter, the type of incident, and other key factors. The resolution process provides an opportunity for interim measures and protection from retaliation (see below).

The University reserves the authority to file a report on behalf of an affected individual who has requested confidentiality or is otherwise unable or unwilling to participate in the process. In such situations, the University shall be the reporter and the affected individual shall be considered a witness and will be entitled to receive all notifications due to a reporter under this policy, including notification regarding the outcome of the resolution procedures.

How to File a Sexual Misconduct report

Sexual misconduct reports can be filed online at “File a Report.” Students also have the option to speak with a dean or the Title IX Coordinator who may assist with filing a report. When a report is filed, there is an initial information meeting between the dean of students office and/or the Title IX Coordinator and the reporter. The purpose of this initial meeting is to gather preliminary information and to determine interim measures (if not already established) and to discuss the path to a resoltuion.

How to file a report with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR)

Individuals with complaints of a sexual nature also have the right to file a formal complaint with the United States Department of Education, the federal governing body in charge of enforcing Title IX:

Note: Federal laws prohibit the taking of retaliatory measures against any individual who files a complaint in good faith.


Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202-1100
Customer Service Hotline: (800) 421-3481
Facsimile: (202) 453-6012
TDD#: (877) 521-2172


Updated: August 10, 2018