Leading a Student Organization

Register Annually to Maintain Recognition

Student organizations must register or update and renew organizational information using Engage each academic year in order to continue their recognition. Should a student organization not meet the registration/update deadline, fail to turn in any of the registration documents, and/or not reconcile debts with outside vendors, then the student organization will be placed on probation. During the probationary period, the student organization will be unable to reserve space on campus, advertise for events, use the University name, access their funds, and/or participate in the visiting program or activity fairs.

An organization’s request for recognition must contain the following:    

  • Organizational Proposal addressing each of the student organization Assessment Categories below

  • Proposed Annual Budget

  • Membership list with signatures

  • Constitution

  • Signed commitment from adviser(s)

  • Signed anti-hazing agreement

Student organization assessment:

Student organization proposals are evaluated by the Student Government Association according to the following criteria:      

  • Compliance with University policies (Use of the University name and Trademark, Student Organization Handbook, EQB Guide, and the University’s hazing policy, etc.)

  • Demonstrated non-duplication of the mission of previously recognized organizations and avoids clear similarity with another already-recognized student organization.

  • Clearly articulated objectives and goals of the proposed student organization.

  • Feasibility of funding the organization’s goals, projects, or publications.

  • Local autonomy of the organization. The criterion for local autonomy shall be whether the student organization makes all policy decisions without obligation to any parent organization, national chapter, or charter.

  • At least ten undergraduate members. All officers and a majority of the members must be registered undergraduates of the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Adherence to the University’s non-discrimination policy.

  • Demonstrated benefit to the members, campus, and/or wider community.

  • Demonstrated need for recognition based on benefits provided to recognized organizations.

Seeking Recognition

How to Charter a Student Organization:

  1. Recruit a club adviser, namely a faculty (active or emeriti) or staff (full-time) member.

  2. Draft a constitutioncharter that includes:

    1. The nature and mission of the organization

    2. Membership requirements

    3. Leadership roles and responsibilities (including faculty/staff adviser)

    4. Process for removal of someone in a leadership position and/or filling a leadership vacancy

    5. Organization operation (how often to meet, policy for quorum in a voting situation, etc)

    6. Funding strategy and expected expenses

  3. Organizations must maintain a minimum of 10 club members.

  4. Once the above steps are completed, submit the above information through Engage.

  5. Finally, the club leader should contact the Student Government Association (SGA) to officially present for “new club status”.

Marketing and Publicity

University sponsored and recognized student organizations using any reference to the University must be consistent with the University’s graphic identity standards and student leaders can request to publicize events on the University’s web site can be submitted through the marketing and communications department.  

Posters can be designed in partnership with Print Services or independently, but any printing requested of Print Services will be reviewed for compliance with the University’s graphic identity standards.

Membership Recruitment

Recruiting new members is one of the most important tasks an organization faces. With the high rate of turnover in collegiate settings, an organization must continually update its membership roster to include fresh minds and ideas. Organizations in good standing with the University can request a table at the campus-wide Activities Fair, held the first week of school every year in the Quad. Many organizations recruit new members on this day. Effective organizational leaders spend time throughout the summer preparing for the Activities Fair, in addition to other recruitment activities beyond the activities fair.

It can often be useful for an organization to get in touch with a school department which parallels their own interests (arts organizations with the Art Department, science research organizations with various science departments, political organizations with Politics Department). These formal departments are usually the first place new students will seek information about topics in which they are interested, so creating a partnership with the department can enable you to connect with students who already share a passion for your mission.

Funding (AFC)

A recognized student organization can be given an account number and is eligible for funding through the University.

Money can be requested from the Activities Fee Committee (AFC) by the following process.

  1. The AFC request form must be completed using Engage.

  2. Once all applications are reviewed, the AFC deliberates and responds to the student leaders announcing the funds they have decided to allocate.


Once the money is allocated, there are a number of ways to access it.

  1. Request a Check: Many organizations need to request a check for a speaker, band, etc. Anyone from outside the University must submit a series of forms for the Treasurer’s office. As this is a complicated process, please contact the Student Activities Coordinator at least a week before the check is due in order to complete the forms and send all materials to the Treasurer’s Office.

  2. Request Reimbursement: Oftentimes when spending for a student organization, it is convenient for the student to use his/her own personal funds. If this is the case, please visit the Student Activities Coordinator in the Student Life Office with the receipts to secure a reimbursement form (Form 19). You may then take this form to the Treasurer’s Office.

  3. PCard: The student life office has a University credit card. To use the credit card for your student organization, contact the Student Activities Coordinator via email in advance to ensure that the credit card will be available for the time period that you are wishing to use it. These credit cards must be used responsibly. It is essential that student leaders keep the receipts from these credit card transactions and bring them immediately back to the cardholder. On the back of the receipt please write the name of the organization, the organization’s account number (231xxx), and the reason for purchase.