Members of SYC

The Sophomore Year Experience Council (SYC) assists sophomores during what is often a year of transitions. The group directly addresses the "sophomore slump" by promoting activities that build class unity and supporting individuals as they move toward declaring a major. Members of the SYC take a leadership role in planning the programs, and they are also challenged to grow as leaders more broadly.

The members of the Sophomore Year Experience Council 2016:

  • Izzy Hassel
  • Sumaira Shakir
  • Jan DeLozier
  • Alexandria Edwards
  • Cullen Mitchell
  • Clayton Dickson
  • Mark Flournoy

Student Staff:

  • Margaret Weaver, C ‘14: Head Proctor for Second Year Programs

Faculty/Staff Members:

  • Alex Bruce (Chair), Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life
  • Robin Hille Michaels, Coordinator, Sewanee Lilly Office
  • Richard O’Connor, Professor of Anthropology
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Internship Coordinator, Career and Leadership Development Office