Student Complaints and Grievances

Sewanee students are emerging adults responsible for managing, with our support and guidance, their academic and personal affairs. Accordingly, the University asks parents to trust this educational effort whenever possible and allow their students to seek resolution. Even as we expect students to take initiative and responsibility for solving their problems, we believe that helping them gain the information and strategies they need to seek remedies for their concerns produces a better outcome for all students.

The Dean of Students serves as the primary coordinator of response and support to students with concerns. If a student has an issue with a University policy or practice, we expect them to review the appropriate policies and handbooks and to pursue their concerns directly with the appropriate office or program. For example, there are already processes in place for appealing final course grades, Honor Council and student conduct outcomes, financial aid decisions, and parking tickets.  For students who have complaints or grievances outside of these published remedies, please file the formal complaint or grievance by e-mailing describing the issue or treatment, related actions, and remedy sought. Complaints will be investigated and / or referred to other offices as necessary.

A written response regarding the issue will be sent to the student who initiated the complaint within 30 days.

 Information about grievances that are not resolved internally and may involve state consumerism, state licensing boards, or accreditation can be reviewed at the Provost’s web page.