Interim Administrative Measures

The University may impose emergency measures upon a student when there is reason to believe, based upon available information, that the student has engaged or threatens to engage in behavior that (a) poses a danger of causing imminent physical harm to the student or to others, (b) directly and substantially impedes the lawful activities of other members of the campus, or (c) causes property damage. The action is interim in nature, pending the outcome of the disciplinary process. Following the imposition of interim administrative measures, the standard University disciplinary process shall be provided as expeditiously as possible. Interim administrative measures include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Emergency Suspension. This action requires a student to leave University property immediately and not return during the suspension period, and/or to comply with other stated conditions for a specified period.  A student may be on University property during the period of an emergency suspension only with the express, written authorization of the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students and the Associate or Assistant Dean of Students may impose emergency suspension. If a student disregards this action, he or she shall be subject to further disciplinary action and may be treated as a trespasser.

  • Emergency Housing Relocation/Removal. This action may be imposed upon a student by the Dean of Students, the Associate or Assistant Dean of Students, or the Director of Residential Life. A student who is removed from housing is not allowed to enter any residence halls. If a student violates the terms of the removal from housing,, he or she shall be subject to further disciplinary action and may be treated as a trespasser.

The Dean of Students may divert a student accused of violating University conduct regulations from the normal disciplinary process if the Dean of Students believes that the student is suffering from a medical condition or mental health issue and said condition or issue has influenced the student’s behavior or interferes with the student’s ability to participate in the disciplinary process. This action will not absolve a student from being held accountable through the conduct process once it is determined that the student is able to participate in the process. The Dean may refer a student for evaluation, at the student’s expense, by an independent licensed psychiatrist or psychologist chosen by the University. The Dean of Students may require the student, as a condition of continued enrollment at the University, to secure counseling or therapy.  

Notice of Interim Administrative Measures

A student will receive written documentation of any interim administrative measures taken against him or her. The documentation shall explain the nature, reason for and duration of the action, as well as any conditions that may apply. Permission to be on campus for a specific purpose must be requested and obtained in writing or by telephone from the Dean of Students Office prior to any conduct contrary to the suspension or restrictions.


Updated: August 5, 2018