The decisions made by conduct officer(s) related to responsibility or sanctions can be appealed, provided that one or more of the reasons for appeal listed below is relevant to the case. The appellate officer varies depending on the initial hearing body, generally employing the principle of moving one level up within the organizational structure of the University.  The conduct officer hearing the case will advise the student of the correct appellate body.

All appellate responses are final; however, rulings of suspensions or expulsions from any conduct officer are automatically subject to review by the Dean of Students. Unless instructed otherwise, a student should continue going to class during the appeal process.  

  1. Appeal Request

    • A written request should be completed and submitted to the appropriate appellate officer within three class days from the date the student receives the outcome letter.  

    • The request should state the applicable reason(s) for appeal and the supporting facts. In order for an appeal to be considered valid, the request and supporting facts must be directly connected to one or more of the reason(s) for appeal.

    • An appellate officer will review the written request, any accompanying information, and can decide whether or not to grant an appellate review.

    • If the appellate officer finds no basis for review, then the original decisions regarding responsibility and sanctions will stand, and the student will be notified in writing sent via email to the student’s University email address.

  2. The reasons for appeal are limited to:

    • Procedural error, which had a bearing on the original decision.

    • New information that was not available at the time of the hearing which would affect the original decision(s).

    • Information demonstrating that there is no way a reasonable person could have arrived at decisions similar to the original decisions absent bias.

  3. Appellate Review

    • If the appellate officer grants an appellate review, he or she will review the request within 15 class days of the appeal submission.

    • On appeal, the student bears the burden to state clearly the reason for appeal, and to provide any supporting materials that an error has occurred during the conduct process.

    • The student is not required to be in attendance for the appellate review and will not be included in the review. The student may request to meet with the appellate officer. Requests are granted at the discretion of the appellate officer.

  4. Appellate Decisions

    • If the appellate officer grants an appellate review, the appellate officer has the option of affirming the original decision(s) regarding responsibility and sanctions, affirming the original decision(s) regarding responsibility and modifying the sanctions, or reversing the original decisions regarding responsibility and sanctions.

    • Appellate responses are communicated in writing and sent to the student’s University email address. The student is considered to have received the appellate response upon the response being sent to the student’s email address.

    • Sanctions related to suspension, expulsion, and removal from campus housing will not take effect until the appellate process is complete, except in the case of interim administrative measures.



Updated: August 5, 2018