Community Commitments

The Community Commitments below provide an outline of what Sewanee students can expect of their community experience with a focus on the implications of living honorably. Any sense of honor requires that each individual living within the community has the responsibility to take action to support the health of the greater community: we all must hold each other to our shared standards of honor. This responsibility can be made manifest in many ways. We encourage students to support the community values by reporting violations and other concerns.

Living with Personal Integrity
The Sewanee community is committed to personal integrity—honor—as the foundation of university life and as the cornerstone of a premier educational experience. The community believes trust among its members is essential to scholarship and is basic to effective interactions and operations of the university. Further, as the Honor Code states, “all students in every class must regard themselves as particularly bound by their honor not to cheat in any form, and as likewise bound in honor not to fail to report any cheating that comes to their knowledge.”

Respecting the Dignity of All
The Sewanee community is committed to the dignity and worth of every individual, recognizing that each person is unique with certain rights and responsibilities. Such respect for the individual calls for toleration of differing opinions, attitudes, and cultures, as well as the insistence on fair and just treatment for all individuals.

Valuing Freedom of Thinking and Expression
The Sewanee community is committed to the pursuit of truth and the communication of knowledge. The community encourages individuals to develop the ongoing capacity for critical independent thinking and judgment. The community believes in the individual's right to teach and to learn, as well as in the individual's responsibility to prepare adequately.

Demonstrating Self-Control
The Sewanee community is committed to self-control and respect for self and others as necessary for enabling all individuals to develop intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. The community believes in the ongoing developmental process of individuals' assuming responsibility for the effects their behaviors have on themselves and others.

Developing Trusting Relationships
The Sewanee community is committed to developing relationships built on trust and respect for the rights and properties of all individuals and of the community itself. The community also respects the laws of the society and the just administration of those laws. The community encourages responsible citizenship and involvement of each individual and seeks to serve and to be faithful stewards of all its resources.


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