EQB: The Guide for Living in Community

‌Ecce Quam Bonum (EQB) is the University motto and describes our highest aspiration for community, lived out in expectations for our students. Our code of conduct is named for and based on the principles from Psalms 133:1. 

"Behold how good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!"
-Psalm 133:1

All students are expected to read and commit to the EQB Guide for Living in Community, which is updated annually.  In this guide, the code of student conduct and process for adjudicating cases involving misconduct are outlined in detail, along with sanctions.  The guiding principles of the guide are the Community Commitments.


EQB The Guide to Living in Community 2019-2020
(pdf version | last revision August 15, 2019)

Annual Report Community Standards 2018-2019
(pdf version)

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