How to start a new club or student organization


    Questions to consider before beginning:

    • Have I actively sought out existing organizations that could fill the need for this club?
    • Is there a large enough interest among students to sustain this organization year to year?
    • Will this organization require funding from the University?

    Step 1: Preparing a Proposal

    If you have decided that the club or organization is unique and that there is enough interest among students, you will need to prepare a proposal to present to SGA.

    • Existing Clubs and Organizations
      Ask around campus to be sure that there isn’t an organization in place that is similar, if necessary, contact someone in the Student Life office to see what they know about any organizations that may already exist. SGA will not approve your proposal if you are not prepared to explain why your organization is unique.

    • Demonstrated Interest
      When presenting to SGA, you must have a list of at least ten students who would join your club or organization. Only in unique circumstances will there be an exception.

    • Find an Advisor
      SGA cannot approve your charter until someone has agreed to be your faculty advisor.

    • Write a Constitution
      An example of a constitution and its necessary components can be found here.

    • Present to SGA
      Once you have completed your proposal, you must schedule a presentation in front of the Student Government Association. Contact the SGA President or your SGA Senator to set up a time for your presentation.

    • If approved by SGA
      once SGA has approved, the students should create and register an Engage page for their organization.

    Step 2: Apply for AFC Funding

    If your club plans to ask for funding from the University, it is recommended that you have some general idea of how you plan to allocate these funds when presenting to SGA. You can find more information on ACF Funding rules here.


    Inactive Clubs

    Clubs that are inactive for an academic year may be removed and have their charters revoked. To avoid being considered inactive, an organization should regularly update their Engage page.

    For more details on how to register a new organization please click here and navigate to the “Register an Organization” link.  

    If you have further questions, please contact Hannah Gilliam, Campus Activities Office Coordinator,
    at or at ext. 1208.