In addition to the leadership positions available through involvement in all the student organizations and clubs, there are additional opportunities through departments and university offices. These positions require a higher level of commitment and in some cases offer stipends.

Residence Hall Staff

Please visit the Residential Life website for information on the Head Proctor, Proctor, and Assistant Proctor positions, as well as how to apply for each of these community roles.

Greek Leaders

Greek organizations are governed by the Interfraternity and Intersorority Councils (IFC and ISC).  Elections for the Greek Council are, typically, in March each year (see Elected Leaders).  Each Greek organization elects its own officers and those officers work collaboratively with IFC and ISC on issues of self-governance.

Pre-Orientation/Sewanee Outing Program

  • PRE-Orientation Intern /Student Director Application Process begins in February. Contact person: John Benson in the Outing Program Office.
  • PRE-Orientation Staff Applications for PRE-Staff are available in March in the Sewanee Outing Program Office.
  • SOP Trip Leaders Application Process/Available throughout the year, contact John Benson in the Outing Program Office.
  • Student Directors Applications are available in the SOP Office.
  • Summer Trail Crew (two positions). Process begins March, contact John Benson for details.

Outreach Trip Leaders

Student Coordinators needed for Spring Break Trips to Costa Rica, Jamaica, New York, New Orleans, Miami, and Ecuador. Applications are available in the Outreach Ministries Office in early September.

Emergency Services

The Fire Department is responsible for fire protection in Sewanee and the surrounding area. While anyone interested can go through the fire classes one has to be selected to serve the department since there are limited spots available and a minimum requirement of necessary technical skills and intellectual aptitude.

Elected Leaders

Student Trustees

Elected by students in the general Student Assembly/Order of Gown election then approved by the University's Trustees. Student government and Order of Gown positions are elected by students in the general election at the end of the year, except for first-year students.

Interfraternity Council Convenor, VP for Rush and IMs, VP for Community Service, and VP for Communication

Elected by the Interfraternity Council. Applications will be available in early March.

Intersorority Council President, VP for Rush and IMs, VP for Community Service, and VP for Communication

Elected by the Intersorority Council. Applications will be available in early March.

Environmental Leaders

Environmental Residents

Selected by former Head Environmental Residents and faculty advisors. Selection typically occurs in March or April.

Also, the Sustainability Steering Committee is always looking for student leaders to help in the process of guiding the institution's environmental efforts.

Other Leadership Positions

Tour Guide & Arcadian Positions

Contact arcadians@sewanee.edu for more information.

Most student organization leaders are elected in the Easter semester prior to the Activity Fee Process to ensure an effective transition between academic years and student leaders.