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Puri Family Gifts to Multiple Campaign Pillars Come from the Heart

November 8, 2017

Lombard and Everett Puri

In the early years of the Stronger Truer Sewanee campaign, Lombard Puri, P’20 and Everett Puri, C’82, P’20, and a member of Sewanee’s Board of Regents, were inspired to make a gift to the Sewanee Inn project, one of the first projects to be completed as a result of the campaign. “Many of us recognize the need for a renewed and restored place for prospective students, alumni, and other University guests to get together when they visit the Mountain,” said Puri at the time. “Sewanee is an amazing place—a magnificent place, and the Inn should reflect that.”

The Puris have the distinction of being contributors to each of the pillars of the Stronger Truer Sewanee campaign. For access, value, and opportunity, they have contributed to merit scholarships. The Puris also have contributed to the Cushman Prize, which honors the memory of longtime Professor of History Joe Cushman and supports the “Reinforcing Academic Distinction” pillar of the campaign. The gift to the Inn bolstered fundraising for that now completed “Enriching the Sewanee Experience” project. And as a member of the board of advisors for the Beecken Center, the Puris have made a generous unrestricted gift to the School of Theology, which is the fourth pillar of the campaign.

“I love the fact that the School of Theology has such an important impact on the Episcopal Church through EfM and other programs of the Beecken Center,” says Puri. “I have heard Neil Alexander say that every Christian is entitled to a theological education—it’s a birthright. And Lombard and I are glad to be able to support that mission.”  

Lifelong Episcopalians, Lombard and Everett attribute their philanthropic orientation to their involvement with the church. “We attend a very large church, but a few years ago, the church did an ‘old-fashioned Sunday School’ program that emulated what might happen in a small-town church,” explains Puri. “One of the bishops who spoke made a big impression on us as he talked about stewardship. He reminded us of the passage from Matthew that says where your treasure is your heart will follow, and he also emphasized that gifts flow not to you but through you. We think that giving is a fundamental part of our identity as Christians.” Puri’s family has long been involved with higher education. His grandfather was the first dean of a new School of Arts and Sciences at Florida State. At Sewanee, Puri was particularly energized by the classes of Joe Cushman, which inspired the couple to give to the Cushman Prize. “He was entertaining. People never forget the way he talked about history, the way he made it come alive. Sewanee has always been a place that lights your passion intellectually, and that passion spreads out to your friendships, the Church, and the broader community.”

If you are interested in a gift that goes beyond current-use dollars, named endowed internship funds begin at the $100,000 level. Named endowed scholarship funds begin at the $150,000 level for the College and $75,000 for the School of Theology.