Jack Knowles and Ford Berry Gold medalist - double event 
2018 Gold Medalists
2018 Schedule


Crew Camp, Tims Ford Lake, Tennessee
Vanderbilt Regatta
Oakridge Regatta
Head of the Hooch, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Members of the 2017 Crew Camp

This Fall season brings many new rowers to the team. We will be participating against numerous D-1 schools Texas, Duke, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Alabama and Virginia Tech, competing against a host of other universities.  The entire team has been working tirelessly, rowing early morning hours and indoor workouts at night. Each team member brings a new level of spirit décor that echos throughout the Sewanee Crew ranks. Come on out and support your Sewanee Crew team!

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Congratulations to the entire team for a GREAT effort!!

Sewanee Crew members Women's 4‌
Women's 4


2017 Fall Crew Team members

No. Name Pos class

  1. Haig Manjikian 2018
  2. Morgan Jennings Treasurer 2018
  3. Suxin Chen President 2019
  4. Ivey Dahistrom Capt 2018
  5. Laney Jones rower 2019
  6. Danielle Watts rower 2019
  7. Marissa Lopez rower 2019
  8. Cayla O' hair rower 2019
  9. Halle King rower 2020
10. Jack Knowles rower 2020
11. Hannah Ehrman rower 2020
12. Erika Lopez rower 2020
13. Bailey Thrasher rower 2019
14. Katie Sutton rower 2019
15. Constance Connolly rower 2020
16. Andrew Szentesy rower 2018
17. Sergio Rodriquez rower 2018
18. Ivana Porashka rower 2020
19. Victoria (TORI) Robinson rower 2020
20. Erin Elliot rower 2020
21. Marissa Lingaitis rower 2020
22. Erin Elliot rower 2020
23. Ford Berry rower 2019
24. Tomas Burmudez rower 2019
25. Hanna Wolf rower 2019


2015-03-23 22.49.29 crewcamp

The team cannot thank you enough for your interest and participation!

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Coach: Donnie Jones (navyride1@aol.com) 931-598-1208 phone

Team President: Suxin Chen
Women’s Captain: Suxin Chen
Men’s Captain: Jack Knowels

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Sewanee Crew Team,
please make checks payable to Sewanee Crew and mail to:

Donnie Jones, Crew Coach
735 University Ave.
Sewanee, TN 37383