Fiction and the Criticism of Fiction             summer 2014

Stories by John J. Clayton, Susan McCallum-Smith, Ernest J. Finney, Kent Nelson, and Nancy Huddleston Packer; essays by David Heddendorf, Gavin Cologne-Brookes, Michael Mott, Robert Lacy, Donald Pizer, Edwin M. Yoder, Jr.; poetry by T. Alan Broughton,  Fred Chappell, Len Krisak, and Gladys Swan; reviews by Brendan Galvin, Joan Givner, H. Gaston Hall, Jeffrey Meyers, Merritt Moseley, Sanford Pinsker, and James L. W. West III.

Forms of the Essay                                                  fall 2014

Fiction from Susan Engberg; poetry by Robert Buffington, Ron De Maris, Peter Filkins, William Logan, Peter Makuck, Wesley McNair, and Tom Zemsky; essays by Ann E. Berthoff, Maurice L. Goldsmith, Robert Lacy, Stephen Miller, Kathryn Starbuck, and Edwin M. Yoder, Jr.; reviews by George Core, William E. Engel, Merritt Moseley, Sanford Pinsker, Sam Pickering, and various hands.

Poetry and the Criticism of Poetry              winter 2015

Poetry by Brendan Galvin, Dana Gioia, Warren Leamon, George Monteiro, Thomas Reiter, Timothy Riordan; essays by Denis Corish, David Mason, John Ridland, Frederick Turner; reviews by Marc Hudson, Robert W. Miles, and various hands.