The Literature of War                       spring 2014

Derek Cohen offers an essay on Berlin during and after World War II, George Bornstein contextualizes Yeats’s “September 1913,” Seymour I. Toll recounts his participation in the Battle of the Bulge, John McCardell writes about the Civil War, Phillip Parotti presents a vignette from his time in the navy during Vietnam, Christopher Thornton writes a letter from Lebanon, and Robert Lacy writes about the events surrounding the largest mass execution on American soil. Along with an assortment of reviews the issue contains fiction from Margot Demopoulos and poetry from Catherine Savage Brosman, Holly St. John Bergon, Michael Cavanagh, Brooke Horvath, Gardner McFall, Michael Miller, David Moolten, John Rees Moore, Thomas Reiter, and Helen Pinkerton Trimpi.

Fiction and the Criticism of Fiction             spring 2014

Fiction and the Criticism of Fiction—stories by Ernest J. Finney, Kent Nelson, and Nancy Huddleston Packer; essays by David Heddendorf, Robert Lacy, Donald Pizer, Edwin M. Yoder, Jr.; poetry by T. Alan Broughton, Len Krisak, and others; review by Brendan Galvin, Joan Givner, and various hands.