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Please join the Sewanee Review during the Aiken Taylor Award festivities for a lecture by Emily Grosholz on the work of Debora Greger, one of this year’s two award recipients. Grosholz’s lecture is entitled “Hanford, Gainesville, Rome: The Landscapes of Debora Greger." Grosholz says: “Debora Greger’s poems are allusive and indirect, hermetic and sometimes almost surreal, minimalist and elegantly composed. To bring them down to earth, to give them increased meaning and depth, she often embeds them in landscapes, which function as repositories and as frames. Some landscapes are edenic; others are deserts; the poems where life turns out to be both dusty and luxuriant have a special power. In those poems the vocabularies of curator, biologist, traveler, nun, engineer, child and historian combine, and a complex vision of mortal vitality springs up.

            Emily Grosholz has published six books of poetry and served as author and editor of eight books of philosophy, as well as numerous literary and philosophical essays and reviews. Grosholz is a Liberal Arts Research Professor of Philosophy, African American Studies, and English at Penn State University.

            We invite all students, professors, and community members to hear Dr. Grosholz’s lecture on Debora Greger on Thursday, March 21st at 4:00 p.m. in the McGriff Alumni House.